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Keepalive: correctly close connections on gracefull shutdown.
On gracefull shutdown nginx calls read handler on all idle connections with
c->close set.  Make sure we don't confuse such read handler calls with stale
events and actually close connections.  This fixes "open socket ... left
in connection ..." alerts.


Keepalive: add CHANGES, minor documentation fixes.


Keepalive: better fastcgi testing.
With previous fastcgi keepalive patches minimal number of bytes that should
be fed to input filter (pipe->length) wasn't always set correctly.  Try
harder to catch this.

Reported by:	Denis F. Latypoff


Keepalive: fix connection closing and avoid for loop there.
1. Adding cache item to free queue was missed.

2. Loop over all cached connections isn't optimal, replace it with simple
queue remove at cost of storing config pointer in each cache item.
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