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RarArchive read_property handler non-int valid dimensions
<?php if(!extension_loaded("rar")) print "skip"; ?>
$f1 = dirname(__FILE__) . "/latest_winrar.rar";
$a = RarArchive::open($f1);
echo "string (\"0\"). {$a['0']}\n";
echo "string (\"1abc\"). {$a['1abc']}\n";
echo "float (0.001). {$a[0.001]}\n";
echo "\n";
echo "Done.\n";
string ("0"). RarEntry for file "1.txt" (a0de71c0)
Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in %s on line %d
string ("1abc"). RarEntry for file "2.txt" (45a918de)
float (0.001). RarEntry for file "1.txt" (a0de71c0)
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