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Stream wrapper with volume find callback
if(!extension_loaded("rar")) die("skip");
function resolve($vol) {
if (preg_match('/_broken/', $vol))
return str_replace('_broken', '', $vol);
return null;
function int32_to_hex($value) {
$value &= 0xffffffff;
return str_pad(strtoupper(dechex($value)), 8, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);
$stream = fopen("rar://" .
dirname(__FILE__) . '/multi_broken.part1.rar' .
"#file2.txt", "r", false,
$a = stream_get_contents($stream);
echo strlen($a)." bytes, CRC ";
echo int32_to_hex(crc32($a))."\n\n"; //you can confirm they're equal to those given by $e->getCrc()
echo "Done.\n";
17704 bytes, CRC F2C79881
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