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#ifndef _RAR_ARCHIVE_
#define _RAR_ARCHIVE_
class Pack;
class Archive:public File
ARCSIGN_TYPE IsSignature(const byte *D,size_t Size);
void UpdateLatestTime(FileHeader *CurBlock);
void ConvertNameCase(char *Name);
void ConvertNameCase(wchar *Name);
void ConvertUnknownHeader();
size_t ReadOldHeader();
void UnexpEndArcMsg();
#if !defined(SHELL_EXT) && !defined(RAR_NOCRYPT)
CryptData HeadersCrypt;
byte HeadersSalt[SALT_SIZE];
#ifndef SHELL_EXT
ComprDataIO SubDataIO;
byte SubDataSalt[SALT_SIZE];
RAROptions *Cmd,DummyCmd;
MarkHeader MarkHead;
OldMainHeader OldMhd;
int RecoverySectors;
int64 RecoveryPos;
bool FailedHeaderDecryption;
RarTime LatestTime;
int LastReadBlock;
int CurHeaderType;
bool SilentOpen;
Archive(RAROptions *InitCmd=NULL);
bool IsArchive(bool EnableBroken);
size_t SearchBlock(int BlockType);
size_t SearchSubBlock(const char *Type);
int ReadBlock(int BlockType);
void WriteBlock(int BlockType,BaseBlock *wb=NULL);
int PrepareNamesToWrite(char *Name,wchar *NameW,char *DestName,byte *DestNameW);
void SetLhdSize();
size_t ReadHeader();
void CheckArc(bool EnableBroken);
void CheckOpen(const char *Name,const wchar *NameW=NULL);
bool WCheckOpen(const char *Name,const wchar *NameW=NULL);
bool GetComment(Array<byte> *CmtData,Array<wchar> *CmtDataW);
void ViewComment();
void ViewFileComment();
void SetLatestTime(RarTime *NewTime);
void SeekToNext();
bool CheckAccess();
bool IsArcDir();
bool IsArcLabel();
void ConvertAttributes();
int GetRecoverySize(bool Required);
void VolSubtractHeaderSize(size_t SubSize);
void AddSubData(byte *SrcData,size_t DataSize,File *SrcFile,const char *Name,bool AllowSplit);
bool ReadSubData(Array<byte> *UnpData,File *DestFile);
int GetHeaderType() {return(CurHeaderType);};
size_t ReadCommentData(Array<byte> *CmtData,Array<wchar> *CmtDataW);
void WriteCommentData(byte *Data,size_t DataSize,bool FileComment);
RAROptions* GetRAROptions() {return(Cmd);}
void SetSilentOpen(bool Mode) {SilentOpen=Mode;}
BaseBlock ShortBlock;
MainHeader NewMhd;
FileHeader NewLhd;
EndArcHeader EndArcHead;
SubBlockHeader SubBlockHead;
FileHeader SubHead;
CommentHeader CommHead;
ProtectHeader ProtectHead;
AVHeader AVHead;
SignHeader SignHead;
UnixOwnersHeader UOHead;
MacFInfoHeader MACHead;
EAHeader EAHead;
StreamHeader StreamHead;
int64 CurBlockPos;
int64 NextBlockPos;
bool OldFormat;
bool Solid;
bool Volume;
bool MainComment;
bool Locked;
bool Signed;
bool NotFirstVolume;
bool Protected;
bool Encrypted;
size_t SFXSize;
bool BrokenFileHeader;
bool Splitting;
ushort HeaderCRC;
int64 VolWrite;
int64 AddingFilesSize;
size_t AddingHeadersSize;
bool NewArchive;
char FirstVolumeName[NM];
wchar FirstVolumeNameW[NM];
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