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#ifndef _RAR_EXTRACT_
#define _RAR_EXTRACT_
class CmdExtract
EXTRACT_ARC_CODE ExtractArchive(CommandData *Cmd);
RarTime StartTime; // time when extraction started
ComprDataIO DataIO;
Unpack *Unp;
unsigned long TotalFileCount;
unsigned long FileCount;
unsigned long MatchedArgs;
bool FirstFile;
bool AllMatchesExact;
bool ReconstructDone;
// If any non-zero solid file was successfully unpacked before current.
// If true and if current encrypted file is broken, obviously
// the password is correct and we can report broken CRC without
// any wrong password hints.
bool AnySolidDataUnpackedWell;
char ArcName[NM];
wchar ArcNameW[NM];
SecPassword Password;
bool PasswordAll;
bool PrevExtracted;
char DestFileName[NM];
wchar DestFileNameW[NM];
bool PasswordCancelled;
void DoExtract(CommandData *Cmd);
void ExtractArchiveInit(CommandData *Cmd,Archive &Arc);
bool ExtractCurrentFile(CommandData *Cmd,Archive &Arc,size_t HeaderSize,
bool &Repeat);
bool ExtractCurrentFileChunkInit(CommandData *Cmd, Archive &Arc,
size_t HeaderSize, bool &Repeat);
bool ExtractCurrentFileChunk(CommandData *Cmd, Archive &Arc,
size_t *ReadSize, int *finished);
static void UnstoreFile(ComprDataIO &DataIO,int64 DestUnpSize);
bool SignatureFound;
//next two lines added by me
void *Buffer;
size_t BufferSize;
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