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?? ?? 1999, Version 4.0 Beta 3
- Upgraded regex library to alpha3.8 (Sascha)
- Fixed selecting nested-tables in OCI8. (Thies)
- RFC-854 fix for internal FTP-Code. Commands have to end in "\r\n" (Thies)
- Fix OpenLink ODBC support (Stig)
- min(),max(),a[r]sort(),[r]sort(),k[r]sort() now work consistent with the
language-core. (Thies)
- tempnam() now uses mkstemp() if available (Stig)
- serialize() and var_dump() now honor the precision as set in php.ini
for doubles. (Thies)
- Improved the Win32 COM module to support [out] parameters (Boris Wedl)
- Fixed garbage returned at the end of certain Sybase-Columns (Thies)
Patch submitted by:
- Added Microsoft SQL Server module for Win32 (Frank)
- Added support for forcing a variable number of internal function arguments
by reference. (Andi & Zeev, Zend library)
- Implemented getprotoby{name,number} (Evan)
- Added array_pad() function. (Andrei)
- Added new getservby{name,port} functions. (Evan)
- Added session.cookie_path and session.cookie_domain (Sascha)
- Continue processing PHP_INI_SYSTEM knownDirectives after extension=
(Sam Ruby)
- Enable IBM DB2 support - Tested against DB2 6.1 UDB on Linux (Rasmus)
- Added new str_repeat() function. (Andrei)
- Output-Buffering system is now Thread-Safe. (Thies)
- implemented OCI8 $lob->WriteToFile() function - very useful for streaming
large amounts of LOB-Data without to need of a huge buffer. (Thies)
- Added session.use_cookies option (Sascha)
- Added getcwd() function. (Thies)
- XML_Parse_Into_Struct no longer eats data. (Thies)
- Fixed parse_url('-') crash. (Thies)
- added === operator support. (Andi & Thies, Zend library)
- unserialize() now gives a notice when passed invalid data. (Thies)
- Fixed shuffle() so that it no longer breaks on Solaris. (Andrei)
- Added is_resource(), is_bool() functions. (Thies)
- Cleaned up File-Module (Thies)
- Upgraded math-funtions to use new Zend function API (Thies)
- Fixed zombie problem in shell_exec() and $a = `some_command`
constructs. (Thies)
- Thies introduced ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE2 (Danny).
- Added Informix driver to list of maintained extensions. (Danny).
- Informix driver : Changed to use the new high-performance
ZEND API. (Danny)
- IXF_LIBDIR environment variable specifies alternate Informix library
path for configure (Danny).
- Fixed gmmktime() so that the following should always be true:
gmmktime([args]) == mktime([args]) + date('Z', mktime([args])) (Jouni)
- setlocale doesn't anymore screw up things if you forgot to change it back
to the original settings. (Jouni)
- Switched to new system where ChangeLog is automagically updated from commit
messages. NEWS file is now the place for public announcements. (Andrei)
- Fixed refcount problem in XML module. (Thies)
- Fixed crash in HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA handling (Thies)
- You can use resources as array-indices again (Thies, Zend library)
- Fixed pg_fetch_array() with three arguments (Sascha)
Patch submitted by:
- Upgraded a lot internal functions to use new Zend function API (Thies)
- fdf support ported; not completely tested with latest version 4.0 for
glibc (Uwe)
- OCI8 connections are now kept open as long as they are referenced (Thies)
- Cleaned up Directory-Module (Thies)
- Small fix in Ora_Close (Thies)
- Ported range() and shuffle() from PHP3 to PHP4 (Andrei)
- Fixed header("HTTP/..."); behaviour (Sascha)
- Improved UNIX build system. Now utilizes libtool (Sascha)
- Upgrade some more internal functions to use new Zend function API. (Thies,
Zend library)
- Fixed backwards incompatibility with ereg() (Thies)
- Updated Zend garbage collection with a much more thorough method.
(Andi, Zend library)
- Added the ability to use variable references in the array() construct.
For example, array("foo" => &$foo). (Andi, Zend library)
- Added array_reverse() function (Andrei)
- Some more XML fixes/cleanups (Thies)
- Updated preg_replace() so that if any argument passed in is an array
it will make a copy of each entry before converting it to string so that
the original is intact. If the subject is an array then it will preserve
the keys in the output as well (Andrei)
- Updated OCI8 to use the new high-performance Zend function API. (Thies)
- Configure speedup (Stig)
- Fixed LOB/Persistent-Connection related OCI8-Crash (Thies)
- Generalized server-API build procedure on UNIX (Stig)
- Added '--disable-rpath' option (Sascha)
- Added AOLserver SAPI module (Sascha)
- Fixed XML Callbacks. (Thies)
- Updated ODBC to use the new high-performance Zend function API (kara)
- Updated zlib to use the new high-performance Zend function API. (Stefan)
- Updated preg_split() to allow returning only non-empty pieces (Andrei)
- Updated PCRE to use the new high-performance Zend function API (Andrei)
- Updated session, dba, mhash, mcrypt, sysvshm, sysvsem, gettext modules to use
the new high-performance Zend function API (Sascha)
- Extended var_dump to handle resource type somewhat (Andrei)
- Updated WDDX to use the new high-performance Zend function API (Andrei)
- Updated XML to use the new high-performance Zend function API. (Thies)
- Updated Oracle to use the new high-performance Zend function API. (Thies)
- Improved the performance of the MySQL module significantly by using the new
high-performance Zend function API. (Zeev)
- Add support for the Easysoft ODBC-ODCB Bridge (
- Fix bug in odbc_setoption, getParameter call incorrect (
- Ora_Fetch_Into now resets the returned array in all cases (Thies)
- Fixed NULL-Column problem in Oracle-Driver (Thies)
- Added extra metadata functions to ODBC, SQLTables etc (
- Fixed SEGV in mcal make_event_object() and
typo in mcal_list_alarms() (Andrew Skalski)
- Fixed Ora_PLogon (Thies)
- Resourcified Oracle (Thies)
- Implemented object serialization/deserialization in WDDX (Andrei)
- Added krsort() function (Thies)
- Added func_num_args(), func_get_arg() and func_get_args() for standard
access to variable number of arguments functions (Zeev)
- Added FTP support (Andrew Skalski)
- Added optional allowable_tags arguments to strip_tags(), gzgetss() and
fgetss() to allow you to specify a string of tags that are not to be
stripped (Rasmus)
- Upgraded var_dump() to take multiple arguments (Andrei)
- Resourcified XML (Thies)
- Fixed a memory leak in the Apache per-directory directives handler (Zeev)
- Added array_count_values() function. (Thies)
- snmp, pgsql, mysql and gd modules can be built as dynamically loaded
modules (Greg)
- OCI8 fix for fetching empty LOBs (Thies)
- Added user-level callbacks for session module (Sascha)
- Added support for unknown POST content types (Zeev)
- Added "wddx" serialization handler for session module (Sascha)
(automatically enabled, if you compile with --with-wddx)
- Fixed unserializing objects (Thies)
- PHP 4.0 now serializes Objects as 'O' (not understood by PHP 3.0), but
unserializes PHP 3.0 serialized objects as expected. (Thies)
- Made serialize/unserialize work on classes. If the class is known at
unserialize() time, you'll get back a fully working object! (Thies)
- Reworked preg_* functions according to the new PCRE API, which also made
them behave much more like Perl ones (Andrei)
- Made it possible to specify external location of PCRE library (Andrei)
- Updated bundled PCRE library to version 2.08 (Andrei)
- count()/is_array/is_object... speedups. (Thies)
- OCI8 supports appending and positioning when saving LOBs (Thies)
- Added metaphone support (Thies)
- OCI8 doesn't use define callbacks any longer. (Thies)
- OCI8 Driver now supports LOBs like PHP 3.0. (Thies)
- var_dump now dumps the properties of an object (Thies)
- Rewrote the GET/POST/Cookie data reader to support multi-dimensional
arrays! (Zeev)
- Renamed allow_builtin_links to expose_php (defaults to On). This directive
tells PHP whether it may expose its existence to the outside world, e.g.
by adding itself to the Web server header (Zeev)
- Added support for transparent session id propagation (Sascha)
- Made WDDX serialize object properties properly (Andrei)
- Fixed WDDX mem leak when undefined variable is passed in
for serialization (Andrei)
- Added session_unset() function (Andrei)
- Fixed double session globals shutdown crash (Andrei)
- Fixed crash related to ignore_user_abort ini entry (Andrei)
- Added support for external entropy sources for session id creation
(on Unices /dev/random and /dev/urandom) (Sascha)
- Added gpc_globals variable directive to php.ini. By default it is On, but
if it is set to Off, GET, POST and Cookie variables will not be inserted
to the global scope. Mostly makes sense when coupled with track_vars (Zeev)
- Added versioning support for shared library (Sascha)
This allows concurrent use of PHP 3.0 and PHP 4.0 as Apache modules. See
the end of the INSTALL file for more information.
- Added second parameter to array_keys which specifies search value
for which the key should be returned (Andrei)
- Resourcified Informix driver (Danny)
- New resource handling for odbc, renamed to php_odbc.[ch]
- Make set_time_limit() work on Unix (Rasmus)
- Added connection handling support (Rasmus)
- Improved the Sybase-CT module to make use of resources (Zeev)
- Improved the mSQL module to make use of resources (Zeev)
- Changed mysql_query() and mysql_db_query() to return false in case of saving
the result set data fails (Zeev)
- Improved the resource mechanism - resources were not getting freed as soon
as they could (Zeev)
- Added shared memory module for session data storage (Sascha)
- Fixed session.auto_start (Sascha)
- Fixed several problems with output buffering and HEAD requests (Zeev)
- Fixed HTTP Status code issue with ISAPI module (Zeev)
- Fixed a problem that prevented $GLOBALS from working properly (Zeev, Zend
- Ported newest GetImageSize (Thies)
- Added session compile support in Win32 (Andi)
- Added -d switch to the CGI binary that allows overriding php.ini values
from the command line (Zeev)
- Fixed a crash that would occur if wddx_deserialize did not receive
a valid packet (Andrei)
- Fixed a bugglet when redefining a class at run-time (Andi, Zend library)
- Fixed sem_get() on AIX (Sascha)
- Fixed fopen() to work with URL's in Win32 (Andi & Zeev)
- Fixed include_path for Win32 (Andi, Zend library)
- Fixed bug in ISAPI header sending function (Charles)
- Fixed memory leak when using undefined values (Andi & Zeev, Zend library)
- Added output_buffering directive to php.ini, to enable output buffering
for all PHP scripts - default is off (Zeev).
- Fixed some more class inheritance issues (Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed Apache build wrt to shared modules on FreeBSD/Linux (Sascha)
- Added session.extern_referer_chk which checks whether session ids were
referred to by an external site and eliminates them (Sascha)
- Improved session id generation (Sascha)
- Improved speed of uniqid() by using the combined LCG and removing
the extra usleep() (Sascha)
- Introduced general combined linear congruential generator (Sascha)
- Made ldap_close back into an alias for ldap_unbind (Andrei)
- OciFetchInto now resets the returned array in all cases (Thies)
- Fixed mysql_errno() to work with recent versions of MySQL (Zeev)
- Fixed a problem with define() and boolean values (Zeev)
- Fixed inclusion of gd/freetype functions (Sascha)
- Fixed persistency of MHASH_* constants (Sascha)
- Oracle is now ZTS-Safe (Thies)
- Fixed flushing of cached information to disk in DBA's DB2 module (Sascha)
- OCI8 is now ZTS-Safe (Thies)
- Fixed is_writeable/is_writable problem; they are both defined now (Andrei)
- Imported PHP 3.0 diskfreespace() function (Thies)
- Fixed thread-safety issues in the MySQL module (Zeev)
- Fixed thread-safe support for dynamic modules (Zeev)
- Fixed Sybase CT build process (Zeev)
August 9 1999, Version 4.0 Beta 2
- Fixed a problem when sending HTTP/1.x header lines using header() (Zeev)
- Win32 builds now include the ODBC module built-in (Zeev)
- Fixed SYSV-SHM interface (Thies).
- Updated hyperwave module, made it thread safe
- Updated pdflib module, version 0.6 of pdflib no longer supported
- Updated fdf module
- Built-in phpinfo() links are now turned off by default. They can be turned
on using the allow_builtin_links INI directive (Zeev)
- Changed phpinfo() to list modules that have no info function (Zeev)
- Modified array_walk() function so that the userland callback is passed
a key and possible user data in addition to the value (Andrei)
- Fixed ldap_search(), ldap_read() and ldap_list() (Zeev)
- Fixed Apache information in phpinfo() (
- Improved register_shutdown_function() - you may now supply arguments that
will be passed to the shutdown function (Zeev)
- Improved call_user_func() and call_user_method() - they now support passing
arguments by reference (Zeev)
- Fixed usort() and uksort() (Zeev)
- Fixed md5() in the Apache module (Thies)
- Introduced build process for dynamic modules (Stig)
- Improved ISAPI module to supprt large server variables (Zeev)
- Imported PHP 3.0 fixes for problem with PHP as a dynamic module and Redhat
libc2.1 in zlib module (Stefan)
- Fixed sybase_fetch_object() (Zeev)
- Made the IMAP module work with PHP 4.0 (Zeev)
- Fixed a problem with include()/require() of URLs (Sascha, Zeev)
- Fixed a bug in implode() that caused it to corrupt its arguments (Zeev)
- Added get_class($obj), get_parent_class($obj) and method_exists($obj,"name")
(Andi & Zeev)
- Fixed various inheritance problems (Andi & Zeev, Zend library)
- Children now inherit their parent's constructor, if they do not supply a
constructor of their own.
- Fixed runtime inheritance of classes (parent methods/properties were
overriding their children) (Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed backwards incompatibility with the "new" operator (Andi, Zend library)
- Fixed bugs in uksort() and ksort() sort ordering (Andrei)
- Fixed a memory leak when using assignment-op operators with lvalue of type
string (Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed a problem in inheritance from classes that are defined in include()d
files (Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed a problem with the PHP error handler that could result in a crash
on certain operating systems (Zeev)
- Apache php_flag values only recognized 'On' (case sensitive) - changed
to case insensitive (Zeev)
- Fixed a memory leak with switch statement containing return statements
(Andi & Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed a crash problem in switch statements that had a string offset
as a conditional (Andi & Zeev, Zend library)
- Imported PHP 3.0 fixes for rand() and mt_rand() (Rasmus)
- Added function entries for strip_tags() and similar_text() (Andrei)
- Fixed a bug in WDDX that would cause a crash if a number was passed in
instead of a variable name (Andrei)
- Ported strtotime() function from PHP 3.0 (Andrei)
- Merged in gdttf stuff from PHP 3.0 (Sascha)
- buildconf now checks your installation (Stig)
- XML module now built dynamically with --with-xml=shared (Stig)
- Added a check for freetype.h - fixed build on RedHat 6.0 (Zeev)
- Fixed array_walk() to work in PHP 4.0 (Andrei)
- Ported all remaining date() format options from PHP 3.0 (Andrei)
- $php_errormsg now works (Andrei)
- Added locale support for Perl Compatible Regexp functions (Andrei)
- Informix module ported (Danny)
- Removed --with-shared-apache (Sascha)
- Added patch for reverse lookup table in base64_decode (Sascha)
Submitted by
- Merged in PHP 3.0 version of str_replace (Sascha)
- Added DBA module (Sascha)
- Added session id detection within REQUEST_URI (Sascha)
- Merged in HP-UX/ANSI compatibility switch from PHP 3.0 (Sascha)
- Fixed rpath handling for utilitites built during Apache build (Sascha)
- Added missing E_ error level constants (Zeev, Zend library)
- Fixed a bug in sending multiple HTTP Cookies under Apache (Zeev)
- Fixed implicit connect on the MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase
modules (Zeev)
- Gave PHP 4.0's SNMP extension all the functionality of PHP 3.0.12 (SteveL)
July 19 1999, Version 4.0 Beta 1
- First public beta of PHP 4.0
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