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12 Feb 2004, PHP 5 Beta 4
- Added checks for invalid characters in a cookie name and cookie data
into set[raw]cookie(). (Brian)
- Added new pspell functions: (Brian)
. pspell_config_dict_dir()
. pspell_config_data_dir()
- Added support for ++ and += (and similar) to SimpleXML. (Andi, Zeev)
- Added infrastructure for ++ and += (and similar) to object overloading
modules. (Andi, Zeev)
- Readded support for using classes before they are declared according to
the behavior in PHP 4. This won't work with classes who are using PHP 5
features such as interfaces. (Zeev, Andi)
- Added error message when trying to re-assign to $this variable. (Zeev, Andi)
- Improved destructor implementation to always call destructors on clean
shutdown. An order of destruction is not guaranteed. (Zeev, Andi)
- Redesigned exception support. This fixes many bugs in the previous design
such as nested try's and problems with overloaded extensions. (Zeev, Andi)
- Redesigned clone by adding a clone keyword (clone $obj) and copying all
properties before __clone() is called. Also allows calling parent __clone
function by using parent::__clone(). (Zeev, Andi)
- Added support for an interface to extend another interface (Zeev)
- Completely overhauled SimpleXML extension. (Marcus, Rob, Sterling)
- Added new Interbase functions: (Ard)
. ibase_service_attach() and ibase_service_detach().
. ibase_backup() and ibase_restore().
. ibase_maintain_db(), ibase_db_info() and ibase_server_info().
- Added context option "http"/"request_fulluri" to send entire URI in request.
Required format for some proxies. (Sara)
- Added optional third parameter 'strict' to array_keys(). (Andrey)
- Added stream_lock() method to userspace streams interface. (Hartmut, Wez)
- Added xsltprocessor->registerPHPFunctions(). (Christian)
- Bundled new SPL extension. (Marcus, Derick)
- Upgraded SQLite library to version 2.8.11. (Ilia, Wez)
- Fixed foreach() to respect property visibility. (Marcus)
- Fixed problem with parse error in include() file not stopping PHP's
execution. (Ilia)
- Fixed var_export() to show public, protected and private modifiers properly.
- Fixed problems with longlong values in mysqli. (Georg)
- Fixed class name case preserving of user defined classes. (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #27145 (Unmangle private/protected property names before printing
them inside error messages). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #27103 (preg_split('//u') incorrectly splits UTF-8 strings into
octets). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #27042 (SPL: SeekableIterator seek() broken). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #27008 (Every class method can be called as static). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26938 (exec() has problems reading long lines).
(Ilia, runekl[at]opoint[dot]com
- Fixed bug #26947 (ext/dom: Crash when using DomDocument::getElementById()).
- Fixed bug #26911 (crash in sqlite extension when fetching data from empty
queries). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #26844 (ext/mime_magic: magic file validation broken). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #26819 (http_build_query() crashes on NULL output). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #26817 (http_build_query() does not handle private & protected
object properties correctly). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #26815 (foreach of (DOM) childnodes crashes when Xinclude is used).
- Fixed bug #26796 (SQLite causes crashes with other extensions *connect()
calls). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26762 (unserialize() produces lowercase classnames). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26743 (getElementsByTagName doesn't work properly). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #26736 (__autoload not invoked for parent classes). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26723 (domNode::appendChild() changes child node namespace). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #26697 (calling class_exists() on a nonexistent class in __autoload
results in segfault). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26696 (string index in a switch() crashes with multiple matches).
- Fixed bug #26695 (Reflection API does not recognize mixed-case class hints).
- Fixed bug #26690 (make xsltProcessor->transformToUri use streams wrappers).
- Fixed bug #26680 (Added version check in mysqli_report_index). (Georg)
- Fixed bug #26675 (Segfault on ArrayAccess use). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #26640 (__autoload() not invoked by Reflection classes). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #26543 (call_user_func() broken for self, parent). (Stanislav)
- Fixed bug #26077 (memory leak when new() result is not assigned and no
constructor is defined). (Stanislav)
- Fixed bug #26065 (Crash when nesting classes). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #25816 (disallow arrays in class constants). (Stanislav)
- Fixed bug #25329 (sqlite_create_function with method and reference to $this).
- Fixed bug #25038 (call_user_func() issues a warning if function throws an
exception). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #24608 (__set not triggered when overloading with array).
- Fixed bug #24243 (enabling browscap causes segfault). (Wez)
21 Dec 2003, PHP 5 Beta 3
- Bundled new tidy extension (John, Wez)
- Upgraded PCRE library to version 4.5. (Andrei)
- Dropped Windows 95 support. (Andi)
- Moved extensions to PECL:
. ext/crack (Jani, Derick)
. ext/db (Jani, Derick)
. ext/mcal (Jani, Derick)
. ext/qtdom (Jani, Derick)
. ext/notes (Wez)
- Added 'c' modifier to date() which returns the date in the ISO 8601 format.
(Derick, Manuzhai)
- Added an optional parameter to microtime() to get the time as float. (Andrey)
- Added MacRoman encoding support to htmlentities(). (Derick, Marcus Bointon)
- Added possibility to call PHP functions as XSLT-functions. (Christian)
- Added possibility to prevent PHP from registering variables when input filter
support is used. (Derick)
- Added iconv stream filter (convert.iconv.*). (Moriyoshi)
- Added EXSLT support in ext/xsl. (Christian)
- Added qdbm handler for dba extension. (mg at iceni dot pl, Marcus)
- Added new functions:
. dba_key_split() to split inifile keys in an array. (Marcus)
. time_nanosleep() signal safe sleep (Magnus, Ilia)
. headers_list(). (Sara)
. php_strip_whitespace(). strip whitespace & comments from a script. (Ilia)
. php_check_syntax(). check php script for parse errors. (Ilia)
. image_type_to_extension(). return extension based on image type. (Ilia)
. stream_socket_sendto() and stream_socket_recvfrom(). (Wez)
. iconv_mime_decode_headers(). (Moriyoshi)
. get_declared_interfaces(). (Andrey, Marcus)
. sqlite_fetch_column_types(). (Ilia)
- Added proxy support to http:// wrapper. (Sara)
- Added rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() support to userstreams. (Sara)
- Added rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() support to ftp:// wrapper. (Sara)
- Changed rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() to be routed via streams API. (Sara)
- Changed stat() and family to be routed via streams API. (Sara)
- Fixed include_once() / require_once() on Windows to honor case-insensitivity
of files. (Andi)
- Fixed get_declared_classes() to return only classes. (Andrey, Marcus)
- Fixed __autoload() to preserve case of the passed class name. (Andi)
- Fixed bug #26615 () (runekl at opoint dot com, Derick)
- Fixed bug #26591 ("__autoload threw an exception" during an uncaught).
- Fixed bug #26534 (stream_get_meta_data() -> Access Violation). (Wez)
- Fixed bug #26528 (HTML entities are not being decoded by
xml_parse()/xml_parse_into_struct()). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #26182 (Object properties created redundantly). (Andi)
- Fixed bug #26156 (REPLACE_ZVAL_VALUE works on uninit stack-based zvals).
- Fixed bug #26083 (Non-working write support in ext/dom). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #26072 (--disable-libxml does not work). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #26001 (serialize crashes when accessing an overloaded object that
has no properties (NULL hashtable)). (Wez)
- Fixed bug #25664 (COM crashes when calling a Delphi implementations of
ITypeInfo). (Wez)
- Fixed bug #24837 (Incorrect behaviour of PPP using foreach). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #24693 (Allow session.use_trans_sid to be enabled/disabled from
inside the script). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24394 (Serializing cross-referenced objects causes segfault).
30 Oct 2003, PHP 5 Beta 2
- Lots and lots of changes in the Zend Engine 2 since beta 1:
. Added Iterators
. Improved memory manager
. Added Reflection API
. Removed the not so working namespaces support
. Removed support for expressions within constant declarations.
. You can read about most changes in ZEND_CHANGES under the Zend directory.
- Improved the DBX extension: (Marc)
. Added DBX_RESULT_UNBUFFERED flag for dbx_query().
. Added dbx_fetch_row()
. Added SQLite support.
- Improved the Interbase extension: (Ard Biesheuvel)
. Added support for multiple databases into ibase_trans()
statements into ibase_query()
. Added ability to bind PHP arrays to native Interbase arrays
. Added ibase_commit_ret() and ibase_rollback_ret()
. Added ibase_drop_db()
. Added ibase_gen_id()
. Added ibase_name_result()
. Added ibase_errcode()
. Added ibase_affected_rows() and ibase_num_params()
. Added ibase_param_info()
. Added ibase_wait_event()
. Added ibase_set_event_handler() and ibase_free_event_handler()
- Added new COM extension with integrated .Net support. (Wez)
- Added new functions:
. setrawcookie(). (Brian)
. pg_version(). (Marcus)
. dbase_get_header_info(). (Zak)
. snmp_read_mib(). (Jani)
. http_build_query(). (Sara)
. ftp_alloc(). (Sara)
. array_udiff(). (Andrey)
. array_udiff_assoc(). (Andrey)
. array_udiff_uassoc(). (Andrey)
. array_diff_uassoc(). (Andrey)
. convert_uuencode(). (Ilia)
. convert_uudecode(). (Ilia)
. substr_compare(). (Ilia)
. pcntl_wait(). (GeorgeS)
- Added "resume_pos" context option to "ftp://" wrapper. (Sara)
- Added optional parameter to OCIWriteTemporaryLob() to specify the type of LOB
(Patch by Novicky Marek <>). (Thies)
- Added reflection API. (Andrei, George, Timm)
- Changed length parameter in fgetcsv() to be optional. (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed IPv6 support in MacOSX Panther. (Dan, Marko)
- Fixed fgetcsv() to correctly handle international (non-ascii) characters.
- Fixed support for <![CDATA[]]> fields within XML documents in ext/xml.
- Fixed visibility of __construct and __clone. (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #25756 (SimpleXML's validate_schema_file() broken). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #25581 (getimagesize() returns incorrect values on bitmap (os2)
files). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #25494 (array_merge*() allows non-arrays as argument). (Jay)
- Fixed bug #24766 (strange result array from unpack()). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #24729 ($obj = new $className; causes crash when $className is not
set). (Marcus)
- Fixed bug #24565 (cannot read array elements received via $_REQUEST). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24445 (get_parent_class() returns different values).
(Sterling, Stanislav)
- Fixed bug #24403 (preg_replace() problem: Using $this when not in object
context). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24399 (PEAR DB isError crash [instanceof_function fault?]).
(Sterling, Marcus)
- Fixed bug #24396 (foreach ($k=>$v), the key $k is missing). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24279 (__get() crash when no value is returned). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #22367 (undefined variable has a value). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #19859 (allow fast_call_user_function to support __call).
- Fixed bug #17997 (Warning when switch() and reference are combined). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #17988 (strtotime failed to parse postgresql timestamp). (Derick)
29 Jun 2003, PHP 5 Beta 1
- Removed the bundled MySQL client library. (Sterling)
- Switched to Zend Engine 2, which includes numerous engine level improvements.
A full list is available at
- Added SQLite ( extension: (Wez, Marcus, Tal)
. Includes bundled SQLite library
. Enabled by default
- Completely Overhauled XML support:
. New simplexml extension. (Sterling)
. New DOM extension. (Rob, Chregu, Marcus)
. New XSL extension. (Chregu, Rob)
. Moved the old DOM-XML and XSLT extensions to PECL. (James, Sterling)
. ext/xml can now use either libxml2 or expat to parse XML. (Sterling)
. Removed bundled expat library. (Jani)
- New php.ini options:
. "session.hash_function" and "session.hash_bits_per_character". (Sascha)
. "mail.force_extra_paramaters". (Derick)
. "register_long_arrays". (Zeev)
- Improved the speed of internal functions that use callbacks by 40% due to a
new internal fast_call_user_function() function. (Sterling)
- Improved the streams support: (Wez)
. Improved performance of readfile(), fpassthru() and some internal streams
operations under Win32.
. stream_socket_client() - similar to fsockopen(), but more powerful.
. stream_socket_server() - Creates a server socket.
. stream_socket_accept() - Accept a client connection.
. stream_socket_get_name() - Get local or remote name of socket.
. stream_copy_to_stream()
. stream_get_line() - Reads either the specified number of bytes or until
the ending string is found. (Ilia)
. Added context property to userspace streams object. (Sara)
. Added generic crypto interface for streams.
(supports dynamic loading of OpenSSL)
. Added lightweight streaming input abstraction to the Zend Engine scanners
to provide uniform support for include()'ing data from PHP streams across
all platforms.
. Added 'string.base64' stream filter. (Moriyoshi)
. Renamed stream_register_wrapper() to stream_wrapper_register(). (Derick)
- Improved the GD extension: (Pierre-Alain Joye, Ilia)
. imagefilter() - Apply different filters to image.
(Only available with bundled GD library)
. Antialiased drawing support:
o imageantialias() - (de)active antialias
o imageline() and imagepolygon() antialias support
- Changed the length parameter in fgetss() to be optional. (Moriyoshi)
- Changed ini parser to allow for handling of quoted multi-line values. (Ilia)
- Changed get_extension_funcs() to return list of the built-in Zend Engine
functions if "zend" is specified as the module name. (Ilia)
- Changed array_search() to accept also objects as a needle. (Moriyoshi)
- Changed ext/mcrypt to require libmcrypt version 2.5.6 or greater. (Derick)
- Changed uniqid() parameters to be optional and allow any prefix length.
- Added new iconv functions. (Moriyoshi)
. iconv_strlen()
. iconv_substr()
. iconv_strpos()
. iconv_strrpos()
. iconv_mime_decode()
. iconv_mime_encode()
- Added misc. new functions:
. ldap_sasl_bind(). (, Jani)
. imap_getacl(). (Dan, Holger Burbach)
. file_put_contents(). (Sterling)
. proc_nice() - Changes priority of the current process. (Ilia)
. pcntl_getpriority() and pcntl_setpriority(). (Ilia)
. idate(), date_sunrise() and date_sunset(). (Moshe Doron)
. strpbrk() - Searches a string for a list of characters. (Ilia)
. get_headers() - Returns headers sent by the server of the specified URL.
. str_split() - Breaks down a string into an array of elements based on
length. (Ilia)
. array_walk_recursive(). (Ilia)
. array_combine(). (Andrey)
- Added optional parameter to get_browser() to make it return an array. (Jay)
- Added optional parameter to openssl_sign() to specify the hashing algorithm.
(, Derick)
- Added optional parameter to sha1(), sha1_file(), md5() and md5_file() which
makes them return the digest as binary data. (Michael Bretterklieber, Derick)
- Added optional parameter to mkdir() to make directory creation recursive.
- Added optional parameter to file() which makes the result array not contain
the line endings and to skip empty lines. (Ilia)
- Added new range() functionality:
. Support for float modifier. (Ilia)
. Detection of numeric values inside strings passed as high & low. (Ilia)
. Proper handle the situations where high == low. (Ilia)
. Added an optional step parameter. (Jon)
- Added encoding detection feature for expat XML parser.
(Adam Dickmeiss, Moriyoshi)
- Added missing multibyte (unicode) support and numeric entity support to
html_entity_decode(). (Moriyoshi)
- Added IPv6 support to ext/sockets. (Sara)
- Added "ftp://" wrapper support to opendir(), stat() and unlink(). (Sara)
- Added context options 'method', 'header' and 'content' for "http://" fopen
wrapper. (Sara)
- Added input filter support. See README.input_filter for more info. (Rasmus)
- Added a replace count for str_[i]replace(), see bug #8218. (Sara)
- Fixed is_executable() to be available also on Windows. (Shane)
- Fixed dirname() and strip_tags() to be binary-safe. (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #24098 (crash in pathinfo()). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #21985 and #22064 (various mb_send_mail() issues). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #21600 (Assign by reference function call changes variable
contents). (Zeev)
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