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isabelle49 and Commit Bot Update systrace to use traceconv
It is unsustainable to keep systrace up to date with the latest
trace_to_text version. Instead it will fetch traceconv which will
in turn fetch the latest trace_to_text. This means this will
be the last update needed in the systrace code.

Change-Id: Idebca3fa743181a858bf5c23fd3ea1f44b08fbf9
Reviewed-by: John Reck <>
Commit-Queue: Isabelle Taylor <>
Latest commit 8c1079c Aug 2, 2019
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atrace_helper Android systrace: Fix printf/scanf format compiler warnings Jul 9, 2018
bin Plumb the trace buffer size for atrace Jan 15, 2019
profile_chrome [tracing] Restrict writing unstructured trace data Mar 27, 2019
systrace Update systrace to use traceconv Aug 5, 2019
.gitignore Update systrace to a package Feb 29, 2016
OWNERS Move systrace/systrace/OWNERS to systrace/ Jun 5, 2017 Revert "Use vpython and remove vendored pymock." Sep 24, 2018
pylintrc Re-add the common pylintrc. Jan 22, 2016


Systrace provides command-line tools to analyze the performance of your application. It currently includes Android Systrace.

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