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Notify slack from the command line. It receives standard input and notifies Slack all at once every second (can be changed with the -interval option).


go get

Or you download from Releases.

If you want to develop, please use the make.

make bundle


./bin/notify_slack posts to Slack. You specify the setting in command line option or toml setting file. If both settings are specified, command line option will always take precedence.

./bin/output | ./bin/notify_slack

./bin/output is used for testing. While buffering, to post to slack.


You post the file as a snippet. token and channel is required to use the Slack Web API.

CLI options

-c string
      config file name
-channel string
      specify channel
-icon-emoji string
      specify icon emoji
-interval duration
      interval (default 1s)
-slack-url string
      slack url
-token string
-username string
      specify username
      Print version information and quit

toml configuration file

By default check the following files.

  1. a file specified with -c
  2. $HOME/etc/notify_slack.toml
  3. /etc/notify_slack.toml

The contents of the toml file are as follows.

url = "**"
token = "xxxxx"
channel = "#general"
username = "tester"
icon_emoji = ":rocket:"
interval = "1s"


  • url is a required parameter.
    • You can specify channel, username, icon_emoji and interval.
  • token and channel is necessary if you want to post to snippet.
    • username and icon_emoji are ignored in this case.