Intellij platform plugin for Catberry JS framework
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Intellij platform plugin for Catberry JS framework

Main features:

  • Create Catberry project.
  • Create Catberry components.
  • Create Catberry stores.
  • Auto-completion catberry-tags in template and navigation to components.
  • Navigation to cat-component template from tag declaration.
  • Auto-completion cat-store attributes in template and navigation to store.

How to use:

  • Install plugin from IDE:
    • Open IDE preferences and navigate to plugins section
    • Find Catberry Framework support plugin in jetbrains repository and install it
    • Restart IDE
  • (Alternative) Manual installation:
    • Download plugin from JetBrains Repository
    • Add plugin from disk in your jetbrains ide (tested: Idea, WebStorm) *Restart IDE
  • Create project (for new project):
    • StaticWeb -> Catberry JS (for Idea)
    • Catberry JS (for WebStorm)
  • Open any catberry project (for existing projects):
    • Check plugin settings (template engine, components and stores dirs)
  • If you use dust templates, associate *.dust files with HTML FileType