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four ways to tweaks Firefox Quantum Scrollbar after version 57
(火狐 57 之后的版本,有四种方法可以调整 滚动条)

i recommend to use the first way or the second way or the last way(我建议使用第一种或者第二种方法或者最后一种)

1.use windows origin regedit(原生接口注册表接口)

Scroll Height/按钮高度 : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\ScrollHeight
Scroll Width/滚动条宽度 : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\ScrollWidth
Value Convert/转换数值 : ?px=-15*?px,example/例如 10px=15*10=-150, the system default is -260

    you have to reboot or logout PC to make regedit work(请重启或注销电脑使注册表生效)

2.use userChrome.css and stylus/xstyle/stylish
(使用 userChrome.css 和 stylus/xstyle/stylish)

put userChrome.css in a folder called "chrome" in your profile folder.
(把 userChrome.css 放到配置文件目录 chrome)

you could found chrome use about:profiles protocol on root dir(if not create it)
(地址栏输入 about:profiles 可以打开根目录 找到 chrome,如果没有则创建它)

like this(像这样)

and use stylus/xstyle/stylish load FixMargin.css(然后再用 FixMargin.css 进行微调)

3.only use stylus/xstyle/stylish(只使用 stylus/xstyle/stylish)

install styles

thie way can use on Microsoft Edge too(这种方法也可用在 Edge 上)

i don't recommend this way(我不推荐使用这种方法)


  1. use userChrome.js scrollbar