Search in GPG-encrypted password file.
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pw is a Python tool to search in a GPG-encrypted password database.

Usage: pw [OPTIONS] [USER@][KEY] [USER]

  Search for USER and KEY in GPG-encrypted password file.

  -C, --copy       Display account information, but copy password to clipboard (default mode).
  -E, --echo       Display account information as well as password in plaintext (alternative mode).
  -R, --raw        Only display password in plaintext (alternative mode).
  -S, --strict     Fail unless precisely a single result has been found.
  -U, --user       Copy or display username instead of password.
  -f, --file PATH  Path to password file.
  --edit           Launch editor to edit password database and exit.
  --gen            Generate a random password and exit.
  --version        Show the version and exit.
  --help           Show this message and exit.


To install pw, simply run:

$ pip install pw