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Mark type erasure in PredicateFunction as deprecated

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horenmar committed Oct 28, 2019
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@@ -93,6 +93,17 @@ positively match a testspec.
The API for Catch2's console colour will be changed to take an extra
argument, the stream to which the colour code should be applied.

### Type erasure in the `PredicateMatcher`

Currently, the `PredicateMatcher` uses `std::function` for type erasure,
so that type of the matcher is always `PredicateMatcher<T>`, regardless
of the type of the predicate. Because of the high compilation overhead
of `std::function`, and the fact that the type erasure is used only rarely,
`PredicateMatcher` will no longer be type erased in the future. Instead,
the predicate type will be made part of the PredicateMatcher's type.



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