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@philsquared philsquared released this 05 Nov 09:27

This is the first full release of Catch2. There may be some minor breaking changes for some people. Please see the details below before moving to this release. If you need to stay on Catch "Classic", because you do not have a fully C++11 aware compiler, for example, then please see the Catch1.x branch.

The following list is changes compared to Catch 1.x:

Breaking changes

  • Removed C++98 support
  • Removed legacy reporter support
  • Removed legacy generator support
    • Generator support will come back later, reworked
  • Removed Catch::toString support
    • The new stringification machinery uses Catch::StringMaker specializations first and operator<< overloads second.
  • Removed legacy SCOPED_MSG and SCOPED_INFO macros
    • CATCH_REGISTER_REPORTER should be used to register reporters
  • Removed legacy [hide] tag
    • [.], [.foo] and [!hide] are still supported
  • Output into debugger is now colourized
  • *_THROWS_AS(expr, exception_type) now unconditionally appends const& to the exception type.
  • CATCH_CONFIG_FAST_COMPILE now affects the CHECK_ family of assertions as well as REQUIRE_ family of assertions
    • This is most noticeable in CHECK(throws()), which would previously report failure, properly stringify the exception and continue. Now it will report failure and stop executing current section.
  • Removed deprecated matcher utility functions Not, AllOf and AnyOf.
    • They are superseded by operators !, && and ||, which are natural and do not have limited arity
  • Removed support for non-const comparison operators
    • Non-const comparison operators are an abomination that should not exist
    • They were breaking support for comparing function to function pointer
  • std::pair and std::tuple are no longer stringified by default
    • This is done to avoid dragging in <tuple> and <utility> headers in common path
    • Their stringification can be enabled per-file via new configuration macros
  • Approx is subtly different and hopefully behaves more as users would expect
    • Approx::scale defaults to 0.0
    • Approx::epsilon no longer applies to the larger of the two compared values, but only to the Approx's value
    • INFINITY == Approx(INFINITY) returns true


  • Reporters and Listeners can be defined in files different from the main file
    • The file has to define CATCH_CONFIG_EXTERNAL_INTERFACES before including catch.hpp.
  • Errors that happen during set up before main are now caught and properly reported once main is entered
    • If you are providing your own main, you can access and use these as well.
  • New assertion macros, *_THROWS_MATCHES(expr, exception_type, matcher) are provided
    • As the arguments suggest, these allow you to assert that an expression throws desired type of exception and pass the exception to a matcher.
  • JUnit reporter no longer has significantly different output for test cases with and without sections
  • Most assertions now support expressions containing commas (ie REQUIRE(foo() == std::vector<int>{1, 2, 3});)
  • Catch now contains experimental micro benchmarking support
    • See projects/SelfTest/Benchmark.tests.cpp for examples
    • The support being experiment means that it can be changed without prior notice
  • Catch uses new CLI parsing library (Clara)
    • Users can now easily add new command line options to the final executable
    • This also leads to some changes in Catch::Session interface
  • All parts of matchers can be removed from a TU by defining CATCH_CONFIG_DISABLE_MATCHERS
    • This can be used to somewhat speed up compilation times
  • An experimental implementation of CATCH_CONFIG_DISABLE has been added
    • Inspired by Doctest's DOCTEST_CONFIG_DISABLE
    • Useful for implementing tests in source files
      • ie for functions in anonymous namespaces
    • Removes all assertions
    • Prevents TEST_CASE registrations
    • Exception translators are not registered
    • Reporters are not registered
    • Listeners are not registered
  • Reporters/Listeners are now notified of fatal errors
    • This means specific signals or structured exceptions
    • The Reporter/Listener interface provides default, empty, implementation to preserve backward compatibility
  • Stringification of std::chrono::duration and std::chrono::time_point is now supported
    • Needs to be enabled by a per-file compile time configuration option
  • Add pkg-config support to CMake install command


  • Don't use console colour if running in XCode
  • Explicit constructor in reporter base class
  • Swept out -Wweak-vtables, -Wexit-time-destructors, -Wglobal-constructors warnings
  • Compilation for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is supported
    • SEH handling and colorized output are disabled when compiling for UWP
  • Implemented a workaround for std::uncaught_exception issues in libcxxrt
    • These issues caused incorrect section traversals
    • The workaround is only partial, user's test can still trigger the issue by using throw; to rethrow an exception
  • Suppressed C4061 warning under MSVC

Internal changes

  • The development version now uses .cpp files instead of header files containing implementation.
    • This makes partial rebuilds much faster during development
  • The expression decomposition layer has been rewritten
  • The evaluation layer has been rewritten
  • New library (TextFlow) is used for formatting text to output