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WebPageTest 17.08

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@pmeenan pmeenan released this 25 Aug 18:27
· 4904 commits to master since this release

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Releases are moving to a YY.MM numbering scheme and will (hopefully) be released quarterly.

Changes from WebPageTest 3.0:

With close to a year of commits there are a LOT of bug fixes, support for updated browsers, etc. This will just cover the main feature changes.

The biggest change by far is a new cross-platform agent (wptagent) that supports Linux, Windows, Mac and Android testing. Eventually wptdriver will be deprecated and all testing will be moved to the new agent.

Web UI

  • Added display for browser main-thread blocking to the waterfall and Time to Interactive metrics (Chrome)
  • Added per-request JavaScript execution times to the waterfall (Chrome)
  • Added reporting of uncompressed resource sizes (JavaScript and CSS in particular)


  • Added support for running Lighthouse tests as part of wptagent (on both mobile and desktop agents)
  • Added collection of First Contentful and First Meaningful paint timings (Chrome)

JS (Mobile testing - legacy)

  • The JS agent has been discontinued in favor of wptagent (and the public instance has been running the new code exclusively for several months).

wptdriver (Legacy Desktop Testing)

  • Added collection of Time to interactive and interactivity metrics
  • Switched how SSL Hooking is done in order to support Chrome 61+
  • Added support for new Firefox extension model (required for multi-process Firefox)