A simple (inflexible, incomplete) signing/encryption certificate scheme based on ECDSA and NaCl boxes.
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by Cathal Garvey, copyright 2015, licensed under the GNU AGPL: See HACKING.txt.


What is this?

Go has a great array of cryptographic primatives in the core and extended library, which is an exemplary thing all languages should aspire to. This means it's already an ideal language to develop a cryptographically secured application in.

Among these things is partial support for NaCl, which is the gold standard for easily implemented cryptography primatives for application developers: the Go extended library has "nacl/box" and "nacl/secretbox" for asymmetric and symmetric encryption (authenticated in both cases), respectively.

While NaCl is authenticated encryption, it also provides a signature scheme using the same elliptic curve keys in the C implementations, which is currently missing in Go's NaCl implementation. I'm developing something for which signing and encryption are both requirements, preferably with a minimum of key-id mark-up, so I wanted to implement a certificate-based encryption system that would join the elliptic curve signatures in the Core library with the NaCl authenticated encryption schemes provided in the extended library.

So, this is "easykeys", a certificate-based cryptographic library that directly builds upon the primatives and recommended usage of the core and extended libraries. It has a test suite that currently passes, but you shouldn't trust it yet for real-world usage, because it could be full of holes! Await kind-hearted cryptographers/cypherpunks reviewing this code and shouting at me aggressively, first.

What are you working on that needs this?

That's super-sekrit right now but will totes be on my github when close to ready. :)