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D365 PCF - Truncated Number Control

Displays the value of a number field truncated to remove trailing zeros


Download the solution from the Releases page

The recommended approach would be to install the managed solution as the controls are not editable from within D365

If the control must be added to another solution that will be deployed to other environments, then installing the un-managed solution will be a better option

Building the component

If you wish to build the control yourself, follow the steps below


  • NPM is installed (this is bundled with Nodejs)
  • Visual Studio Developer command prompt is installed (this is bundled with Visual Studio)
  • Access to the internet to download packages from NPM


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open a command prompt or terminal in the src directory
  3. Run the following command

npm install

  1. Open Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio
  2. CD to the solution directory
  3. Restore the MSBUILD dependencies and build the project by running the following command

msbuild /t:build /restore

Subsequent builds

Subsequent builds after restoring the msbuild dependencies require the following command


Production builds

If looking to build the control as Release and have the msbuild dependencies installed, run the following command

msbuild /p:Configuration=Release

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