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Lets you run the doctests of a single class or function at a time. Useful for
tutorials based on the IPython Notebook, using doctests for student feeback.
Install with ``pip install ipython_doctester``, or
navigate to this directory and run::
python install
Run ``ipython notebook``, then start your notebook with this import::
In [1]: from ipython_doctester import test
In each subsequent cell, set up objects with their doctests, and with absent
(or flawed) function bodies, and decorate them with @test::
In [2]: @test
def square(x):
>>> f(2)
Tests will run on each cell as it is executed.
If you want to track students' progress through a notebook in a
classroom setting, you can; see
for instructions.
If no doctests are found in the function's docstring, the program will look
for a file ``./docstrings/<function name>.txt``, append that to the function's
docstring, and check for doctests again. This can be used to keep the presence
of the docstrings from confusing students.
Thanks to
Brian Granger for technical advice