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Mapping MCPS: Understanding our schools

The Montgomery County Public School system has a reputation for having "good schools" but what does that really mean? MCPS publishes data about the school system, but its all locked in PDF. And once we unlock it, what questions do we want to be able to answer? This project, map-mcps, looks to answer these questions.

How you can help

There are two main lines of work that would help move this project forward:

  • Data transfer - (help accepted now! see below)
  • Map building - (pending data entry)

Data transfer

A vast amount of tantalizing data is published by MCPS in this annual report:

I've started moving a subset of that data into a csv file. I've started by just recording three sets of stats: gender % split, race % split, portable count

You can help by transcribing the data found in the pdf above to the csv I've started. Starting on page 4 of the pdf (page 18 of the document) a two-page summary of each school's stats is printed. The first two sets of stats I'm tracking can be found on the first page for each school, the third stat can be found on the second page for each school. Add the data to this document (easiest to checkout and edit in Excel, but also possible to edit directly on github)

Map building

A messy repo is here: and a cleaner (emptier) repo is here, more to come:

We have shape files, so cool maps are the next step. Help me figure out Mapbox, or learn it with me. A messy repo is here: and a cleaner (emptier) repo is here, more to come: