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performs SonarQube analyses and checks quality gates
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SonarQube Resource for Concourse CI

Performs SonarQube analyses and tracks the state of SonarQube quality gates.

This resource works with SonarCloud and self-hosted instaces of SonarQube.

If you want to implement a real quality gate in your build pipeline, you might want to also use the concourse-sonarqube-qualitygate-task which can be used to break a build if certain quality goals (as reported by SonarQube) are not reached.


  • A running SonarQube instance (this resource was tested on v6.5–v7.1, but it should work with every version of SonarQube ≥ v5.3)
  • The base URL of your SonarQube server has to be configured correctly! Otherwise the resource will be unable to fetch analysis results when invoking it's in action. (sonar.core.serverBaseURL in conf/


Add a new resource type to your Concourse CI pipeline:

 - name: sonar-runner
  type: docker-image
    repository: cathive/concourse-sonarqube-resource
    tag: latest # For reproducible builds use a specific tag and don't rely on "latest".

Source Configuration

  • host_url: Required. The address of the SonarQube instance, e.g. "" (when using SonarCloud). Must end with a slash.

  • organization: The organization to be used when submitting stuff to a sonarqube instance. This field is required when using SonarCloud to perform the analysis of your code.

  • login: The login or authentication token of a SonarQube user with Execute Analysis permission. Can be left out if SonarQube instance does not require any authentication.

  • password: The password that goes with the sonar.login username. This should be left blank if an authentication token is being used.

  • maven_settings: Maven settings to be used when performing SonarQube analysis. Only used if the scanner_type during the out phase has been set to / determined to use Maven.

  • __debug: This flag is used to debug any problems that might occur when using the resource itself. It enables extra debug output on the console and sets the -x flag during shell execution. It is usually not a good idea to set this flag to true in a production environment, because it might leak passwords and access key credentials to the console where it might be accessed by unauthorized / anonymous users.


The resource implements all three actions (check, in and out). The analysis is triggered by the out action and check/in will be used to wait for the result of the analysis and pull in the project status. Tasks can use this information to break the build (if desired) if any of the criterias of the quality gate associated with a project are not met.

out: Trigger SonarQube analysis


  • project_path: Required Path to the resource that shall be analyzed. If the path contains a file called "" it will be picked up during analysis.

  • scanner_type: Type of scanner to be used. Possible values are:

    • auto (default) Uses the maven-Scanner if a pom.xml is found in the directory specified by sources, cli otherwise.
    • cli Forces usage of the command line scanner, even if a Maven project object model (pom.xml) is found in the sources directory.
    • maven Forces usage of the Maven plugin to perform the scan.
  • project_key: Project key (default value is read from

  • project_name: Project name (default value is read from

  • project_description: Project description (default value is read from

  • project_version: Project version (default value is read from

  • project_version_file: File to be used to read the Project version. When this option has been specified, it has precedence over the project_version parameter.

  • autodetect_branch_name: Try to figure out the branch automatically. This works if the project_path contains recognized SCM metadata from a supported revision control system. (Currently: only Git is supported!)

  • branch_name: Name of the branch. Overrides autodetect_branch_name if it has been set.

  • branch_target: Name of the branch where you intend to merge your short-lived branch at the end of its life. If left blank, this defaults to the master branch. It can also be used while initializing a long-lived branch to sync the issues from a branch other than the Main Branch. (See Branch Plugin documentation for further details)

  • sources: A list of paths to directories containing source files.

  • tests: A list of paths to directories containing source files.

  • additional_properties: Optional object/dictionary that may contain any additional properties that one might want to pass when running the sonar-scanner.

  • additional_properties_file: Optional path to a file containing properties that should be passed to the sonar-scanner.

  • maven_settings_file: Path to a Maven settings file that shall be used. Only used if the scanner_type during has been set to / determined to use Maven. If the resource itself has a maven_settings configuration, this key will override it's value.

  • sonar_maven_plugin_version: sonar-maven-plugin version (default is empty and using the latest version)

in: Fetch result of SonarQube analysis

The action will place two JSON files into the resource's folder which are fetched from the SonarQube Web API:

Full example

The following example pipeline shows how to use the resource to break the build if a project doesn't meet the requirements of the associated quality gate.


- name: sonar-runner
  type: docker-image
    repository: cathive/concourse-sonarqube-resource
    tag: latest # For reproducible builds use a specific tag and don't rely on "latest".


- name: sources
  type: git

- name: artifact
  type: s3
  # ... configuration ommited

- name: code-analysis
  type: sonar-runner
    login: ((sonarqube-auth-token))
    project_key: com.example.my_project


# The build job performs fetches stuff from the "sources" resource
# and executes a task that builds and tests everyhing. Once compilation,
# test execution and <whatever> has been performed, we copy the whole
# working directory into the output folder "sonarqube-analysis-input"
# and push the package that has been created by the "build" task to the
# artifact resource and utilize the sonarqube-resource to perform static
# code analysis.
- name: build-and-analyze
  - get: sources
    trigger: true
  - task: build
      platform: linux
        type: docker-image
          repository: debian
          tag: 'jessie'
      - name: sources
      # Hint: The sonar-runner needs more than just the
      # sources to perform a full analysis. Line coverage reports, unit test reports,
      # Java class files and mutation test results should also be present.
      # Therefore, you'll have to make sure that your build script provides the sources
      # and the compilation/test results in your Concourse CI build plan.
      # (And that is the reason, why we need the following output)
      - name: sonarqube-analysis-input
        dir: sources
  - aggregate:
    - put: code-analysis
        project_path: sonarqube-analysis-input
          # Will be passed as "-Dsonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths="coverage/" to the scanner.
          sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths: coverage/
    - put: artifact

# The qualitygate task breaks the build if the analysis result from SonarQube
# indicates that any of our quality metrics have not been met.
- name: qualitygate
  - aggregate:
    - get: artifact
      - build-and-analyze
    - get: code-analysis
      - build-and-analyze
      trigger: true
  - task: check-sonarqube-quality-gate
      platform: linux
        type: docker-image
          repository: cathive/concourse-sonarqube-qualitygate-task
          tag: latest # Use one of the versioned tags for reproducible builds!
      - name: code-analysis
        path: /sonarqube-qualitygate-check
        dir: code-analysis

# We deploy only artifacts that have made it through our quality gate!
- name: deploy
  - get: artifact
    - qualitygate
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