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-This is the organization of the files you will find in this repo
+Master Branch - As of Oct.20, 2010 the cathyatseneca/master branch will be the official release branch for c3dl. Each commit to the master branch will represent a release version of the library
+Review Branch - As of Oct. 20, 2010 the cathyatseneca/review branch will be the development branch of the library. Commits to this branch have gone through a review but are not part of the library's release
+Bug tracker:
+c3dl usese lighthouse for bug tracking:
+Patch Review and Submission Process:
+* Each patch submitted must have a corresponding ticket number
+* Pull the most recent commit off the review branch and merge your code into it.
+* Request a peer review
+File Organization:
/c3dl: This folder contains the library itself.
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