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Rc #4

wants to merge 72 commits into


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Callaghan commented Dec 16, 2011

I think this is about as far as we'll be able to take it.
I would have liked to fix the issue with OBB picking, but this has gone on far longer than we intended and is at least workable the way it stands.

Matt and others added some commits Mar 23, 2011

Matt testing new loading 28b6bb5
Matt new collada dynamic 672b975
Matt almost done loader 2a1acb6
Matt Lighting issue on Mac 10.6 17e2add
Matt changed C3DL_MAX_LIGHTS to 8 5bb62ef
unknown testing different init bf21538
Matt added Dynamic Collada Loading and kept preloading but added mutli-fil…
…e XHRing
Matt fix multi loader tests to make them more useful a1815d6
Matt Fixed loader tests d1213aa
@Callaghan Callaghan Added ability to remove light by index along with a test. d7c2b5e
@Callaghan Callaghan Renamed picking.onMouseDown to picking.pickingReaction 3293624
@Callaghan Callaghan modified scene to accept mousedown, mouseup and click as acceptable i…
…nteraction events.
@Callaghan Callaghan added tests for three different picking events. 88f192e
@Callaghan Callaghan fixed typos in tutorials and added tutorial 9 to repository. fe5518e
@Callaghan Callaghan fixed documentation comment for setPickingCallback. e64b0b2
@Callaghan Callaghan fixed misplaced comment. e5136da
@Callaghan Callaghan Fixed comments/documentation for OrbitCamera.pitch. 69d2a45
@Callaghan Callaghan Added test for dynamic collada deletion. 1bda1ce
@Callaghan Callaghan Created deleteFile function in ColladaManager, created test that call…
…s it.
@Callaghan Callaghan Added yawLocal and roll functions to OrbitCamera, created test to dem…
…onstrate them.
@Callaghan Callaghan Created a new function for OrbitCamera called rotate. It receives an …
…axis to rotate on and the angle to rotate. roll,pitch,yaw and yawLocal now call this function. Added tests for this under c3dl-dev/tests/orbiter.
unknown bug fix 65c2bdd
unknown reverted old effects test and bug fix 6582ef4
unknown bug fixes 6c13278
@Callaghan Callaghan Added regular expressions to mergeChildData function of colladaLoader…
… to make file parsing more robust.
Matt copy ready attribute 25e7bcb
Matt mipmap fix cb95025
@Callaghan Callaghan Switched one light to be removed by the variable name used in the mai…
…n program. (spotLights[2])
@Callaghan Callaghan Fixed errors in tut.js and yawpitchroll.html. Added tutorial9b.html. b8ea10d
@Callaghan Callaghan Removed yaw (global up), renamed yawLocal to yaw, renamed rotate to r…
…otateOnAxis, modified tests for rotateOnAxis (orbiter-rotate.html), yaw & pitch using the camera's local axes (orbiter-local.html), and roll (orbiter-roll.html).
@Callaghan Callaghan Modified setNearClippingPlane and setFarClippingPlane to prevent over…
…lap. Added test (clipping test) to confirm.
@Callaghan Callaghan Modified onMouseDown event in picking.js to use clientHeight and clie…
…ntWidth instead of height and width.
@Callaghan Callaghan changed picking hit calculation to take the area of the triangle in a…
…ccount when determining allowable room for error.
@Callaghan Callaghan Added setSize function to Scene. a233611
@Callaghan Callaghan added resize test. 8fd7978
@Callaghan Callaghan Modified resisze test to explain non-square canvases better. Modified…
… calculation in scene.js to use clientWidth and clientHeight.
@Callaghan Callaghan removed old backup method of prepping images (no longer supported), r…
…eplaced with warning message.
@Callaghan Callaghan . e6338e4
@Callaghan Callaghan Renamed most instances of collada to model to move towards allowing o…
…ther model types. i.e. colladamanager is now modelmanager.
@Callaghan Callaghan Started converting demos to use model instead of collada. 8d6faf7
@Callaghan Callaghan Changed Collada to Model in more tests, model code (actor.js, constan…
…ts.js, model.js and scene.js) and in collision.
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug95' 5bb28d6
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug123' 36bf4b9
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug131' 1aa6c8f
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug42' 6b150f3
@Callaghan Callaghan Standardizing tests in preparation for release. b6c478e
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug140' d7f4db4
@Callaghan Callaghan Merging with branch bug140 d765a5b
@Callaghan Callaghan Merging with bug140 c2838d3
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug138' a3958f3
@Callaghan Callaghan merging bug 138 45d44a2
@Callaghan Callaghan completing merge with bug138 6be480c
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug136' d624e09
@Callaghan Callaghan merge with bug136 40cdccf
@Callaghan Callaghan Adding tutorials 10, 11 and 12 to repo. cfde553
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug139' into RC 970ed58
@Callaghan Callaghan merging with branch bug139 ee0a704
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug155' into RC 72d2f91
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug156' into RC 6bd32f0
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug122' of git://github.com/sonnilion/c3dl into RC 2aae13d
@Callaghan Callaghan Merge branch 'bug134' of git://github.com/sonnilion/c3dl into RC c5a1825
@Callaghan Callaghan Merging with Sonnilion's bug134. dd2507f
@Callaghan Callaghan Reconciling merge of Sonnilion's bug133 with this branch.
Merge branch 'bug133' of git://github.com/sonnilion/c3dl into RC

@Callaghan Callaghan De-tabbing (again) 93a68ca
@Callaghan Callaghan Further de-tabbing e6a798d
@Callaghan Callaghan Standardizing location of { in code blocks d581897
@Callaghan Callaghan Standardizing function head comments. 086f026
@Callaghan Callaghan Minor fixes for cross-browser compatibility and spelling. 926a765
@Callaghan Callaghan Minor edits for efficiency, comments etc. 053df2b
@Callaghan Callaghan Removed extraneous comments. 42acff1
@Callaghan Callaghan Modified c3dl.init to remove initialization callbacks that have alrea…
…dy been called, preventing them from being called twice by the DomContentLoaded event's odd behaviour.
@Callaghan Callaghan Comented out problematic picking code. (calls to rayOBBIntersect in m…
…odel.js and geometry.js)
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