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pranjalv123 authored Oct 31, 2011
1 i have little against remakes and updates of older films and tv series .
2 if there's a will , there's a way ; and i believe that anything , no matter how great or revered can be effectively improved upon .
3 this is the reason that i responded so well to gus van sant's universally panned update of psycho ; i thought it to be not only an intriguing cinematic experience , but also very on-par with an original .
4 but i do have a big problem with remakes that are blatantly bad .
5 you see , the point of a remake is , or at least it should be , to iron out the original's flaws and bring the work that much closer to greatness or even perfection .
6 but what if the source material on which the remake is based isn't any good to begin with ?
7 that is the only cinematic question pondered by the bland actioner the mod squad .
8 i've only seen a couple episodes of the late 60s tv series on which it is based , and to be honest , i didn't like it all that much .
9 it has a concept that -- and still is -- interesting ; a group of corrupt young adults , all in their early 20s are given a choice : they either go to jail for the various crimes that they all have committed , or they can become undercover cops , helping the police get into places that they normally wouldn't be able to access .
10 obviously , all 3 opt for the latter option and become undercover policemen ( and policewomen ) .
11 the three main characters here are played by claire danes , omar epps and giovanni ribisi .
12 of the three , only danes has a real character .
13 ribisi's dumbass 20 year old is played exclusively for laughs ; epps' slightly more intelligent one is used to create various chase scenes .
14 when the squad's superviser gets killed off and his reputation dirtied in death , the three of them , sure that their beloved master was framed , go off and investigate on their own , discovering corrupt cops , lots and lots of expensive whores and very lucrative drug operations .
15 all kinds of good stuff !
16 the only times that the mod squad comes even close to working is in its comedic moments .
17 although ribisi is a trite actor and his characters repeat movie after movie , his man here is really rather amusing , when the script gives him a chance .
18 epps' straight man is effectively played against ribisi's clueless spontaneity .
19 but the rest of the film is dull , boring and singularly uninteresting .
20 a drug-op action plot is no longer anything new , not even with teenage action heroes , and the way it's executed here , it's also nowhere near exciting or suspenseful .
21 claire danes' character has potential , but it is buried under heaps of cliches and her performance is too restrained .
22 she could have been a tour-de-force , but instead director scott silver puts shackles on her and simply does not allow her to do anything really significant with her role .
23 epps and ribisi fare slightly better and do as well as can be expected , although their characters aren't nearly as rich as danes' could have been .
24 the mod squad is a mind-numbing marketing plot of a film , and teens will jump all over it .
25 it's full of bad dialogue , scenes and concepts that make no sense and -- get this -- drug dealers that like to tango with other guys in their spare time .
26 nothing is remotely intriguing or worth paying for .
27 claire danes is no longer alluring -- mainly because she's got a horrible hairdo , so that draw is out .
28 there are , however , cool explosions , guns and chases which may lure a viewer into thinking that he or she is about to experience an exciting thriller of some sort .
29 do not be fooled .
30 some may call this escapist fare -- i call it escape-as-quickly-as-you-can fare .
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