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1 this feature is like a double header , two sets of clich ? s for the price of one .
2 not only do we get the usual tired sports chestnuts , but the banal rich girl-poor boy love story is tossed in for good measure .
3 an original moment in this loser is as rare as a chicago cubs world series appearance .
4 the screenplay by kevin falls and john gatins , based on a story by falls , merely lobs its plotline at the audience .
5 this is a story that needed sent down for seasoning and more coaching .
6 summer catch centers around ryan dunne ( freddie prinze jr . ) , a cape cod youth chosen to participate in the prestigious cape cod baseball league , supposedly a showcase for the best young amateur and college players in the country .
7 ryan is a blue-collar kind of guy .
8 he works with his dad taking care of the lawns of cape cod's rich and famous .
9 he also , as we are informed early , his own worst enemy .
10 he has the potential and the talent , but always seems to self-destruct at the crucial moment .
11 so , ryan tries to remained focused on baseball .
12 then he meets tenley parrish ( jessica biel ) , daughter of one of the blue bloods whose lawn he manicures .
13 tenley , a name only a hack screenwriter could invent , is unlike her snobbish counterparts and falls for ryan .
14 if you can't figure out where all this nonsense leads , then you need a remedial course in film viewing .
15 as always prinze is pretty to look at , but his performance mainly consists of facial expressions : puppy dog love , heartbreak , frustration , self-loathing or determination .
16 biel cries a lot , while bruce davison merely acts smarmy as her class-conscious father .
17 the only beacon is matthew lillard's fun-loving billy brubaker , the team's catcher .
18 summer catch borrows situations and stylings from other baseball movies , such as bull durham and the natural .
19 no curve balls here , no sliders .
20 every pitch is predictable .
21 a blind umpire could call this movie .
22 summer catch is strictly rookie league moviemaking .
23 it has as much chance of making the movie hall of fame as the dodgers have of moving back to brooklyn .
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