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1 movies don't come much more ridiculously titled than " i still know what you did last summer , " but since the movie in question is best described as ridiculous , the title sort of works as a warning .
2 more than a silly-sounding mouthful to blurt out to the ticket vendor , this horror sequel's moniker also contains a grievous oversight that anyone who saw the original will be able to spot : what " you " did _last_ summer " you " actually did the summer _before_ last summer , and since " i " knew about it _this_ summer as well as _last_ summer , it's really illogical to say that " i " _still_ know what " you " did _last_ summer .
3 the filmmakers would have at least made sense with the shorter " i still know , " the longer " i still know what you did two summers ago " or the appropriate " stupid people getting hacked to bits . "
4 that last suggestion is the preferable one since the characters in this film do things that are the polar opposite of smart .
5 for example , if your roommate is plagued by terrible nightmares as a result of being stalked and nearly murdered not long ago , would you sneak into her room late at night and hide in the closet , even if it was just to locate and borrow a cute little dress ?
6 probably not , but that's precisely what college student karla ( pop diva brandy ) does to best friend julie ( jennifer love hewitt ) , resulting in the first in a long line of phony frights .
7 julie , you'll recall , was one of the sole survivors at the end of 1997's surprise hit " i know what you did last summer , " after a slasher with a grudge to bear - it's a _long_ story - began trying to pick off her , her buddies and various others in their coastal carolina village .
8 in this installment , the plot picks up as karla wins a trip to the bahamas , and julie , yet racked by guilt , decides that maybe a tropical getaway will help ease her mind .
9 yeah , right .
10 their island paradise has room , of course , for one more in the form of the still-alive killer ( muse watson ) from the first film .
11 he sports the same gorton's fisherman get-up , a heavy hat and rain slicker that mask his identity , but why he's still trying to stay anonymous is a mystery this movie never solves . . .
12 though i suppose his hook-hand would look funny protruding from the sleeve of a leisure suit .
13 in a sense , that's the movie's glaring flaw - everybody knows who the bad guy is , thus evaporating the level of paranoid tension nicely sustained by its prequel .
14 the murders and attempted murders in that film were vivid and scary , but trey callaway's derivative " i still know " screenplay makes the fisherman just as dumb as his pretty potential victims .
15 when julie lays blissfully unaware in a tanning bed , giving him a perfect chance to wreak vengeance once and for all , what does he do ?
16 he twist-ties the lid shut and cranks up the uv rays - you'd think he'd want her gutted now instead of a skin cancer victim later .
17 even prequel " summer " lovers might balk at how little there is here beyond sporadically amusing absurdity and a few neat-o shots of blood flowing from toned teenage flesh .
18 the innovative gallows humor that scribe ( and " scream " wunderkind ) kevin williamson injected into " i know " 's unfolding story is sorely missed , replaced with the grating antics of a white rastafarian cabana boy who smokes weed and tosses off slang like " yo " ; you'll cheer - not shriek - when he ends up with a pair of hedgetrimmers firmly implanted in his chest .
19 if " i know what you did last summer , " however effective , was just the kind of movie that those subversive " scream " flicks poked fun at , then the deadly " i still know what you did last summer " deserves a full-blown roasting on " mystery science theatre 3000 . "
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