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1 after the huge success of " the exorcist " in 1973 a sequel was inevitable , and sadly like most horror fims that make money , the filmmakers decided to make a ridiculous sequel , that makes absolutely no sense at all , and to me was extremely pointless , wasting linda blair and max von sydow completely .
2 needless , dumb sequel flopped in the box office , and never gained much success though it is voted as one of the worst sequels of all time , to which i agree with .
3 to start the " story " it is four years later , and regan is being tormented by memories of what used to be , now a priest played by richard burton , is trying to figure out why this demon tried to possess regan , and now the demon somehow wants to possess her again ( maybe she was good or something ) .
4 now they must try to stop this demon from taking over regan's body , before it is too late .
5 some of the bad things exorcist ii has in it is : linda blair , she had no need to revive her character , and she is really terrible in this film , she brings it down to a lull , and in places it seems like it just stops in its place , and doesn't go anywhere .
6 louise fletcher is alright for what it's worth , but she could have done a lot better than this .
7 the direction by john boorman , is that of a confused , stylish nature that i really couldn't figure out .
8 in fact , i had no idea what was going on in this film , the script was jumbled , the plot was jumbled , and the ending is just laugh out loud hilariosly bad .
9 for those exorcist fans who haven't seen this one , i recommend renting it .
10 i actually gave this one a high rating , if it were any worse it would have deserved zero pumpkins , i went easy on it however because of the fact that it has a bit of good direction , but nothing else !
11 im not saying i like the film now , so dont start going anywhere .
12 bad , bad , bad movie .
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