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1 i'll bet right now you're just lounging by the pool , humming " i will always love you " and wistfully recalling your candlelight dinners with success .
2 it isn't necessarily over for you : i say you still have enough charm that you could avoid starring in " kevin ! "
3 for at least a few more years .
4 begin by scribbling " the star that burns twice as bright burns half as long " somewhere you'll always see it , perhaps on the fridge door , or on a bedroom mirror with lipstick .
5 you had a heck of a thing going there until you agreed to star in robin hood : prince of thieves , where you were not only upstaged by powerhouses morgan freeman and alan rickman , but christian slater ( ! ) , several dozen tall trees , bows , arrows , and a canoe , too .
6 after dances with wolves and jfk , you decided the world needed more three hour movies , expensive three hour movies , so you starred in and produced wyatt earp ; wyatt earp the man was a boring idiot who made the history books solely due to a general lack of famous wyatts .
7 wyatt earp was so dull a cowboy that he died of natural causes .
8 tombstone was a vastly superior movie based on the same legend , and that featured kurt russell as earp and dana delaney as his girlfriend !
9 ( she was played by joanna going in your movie-you know , the character known best in wyatt earp as " jew whore " .
10 what were you and lawrence kasdan thinking ? )
11 now , you're suffering the demise of yet another of your epics , the postman , a film so financially disastrous that it all but eradicated the memory waterworld's and tin cup's mildly lucrative box office takes .
12 the postman is not the worst movie ever made-people in hollywood are quick to forget movies like howard the duck whenever the next bomb comes along .
13 yet it is a ridiculous movie .
14 i suspect you thought you had another braveheart on your hands-why else line up two armies on horesback , all prepared for battle , for the climax of your film ? -but
15 " mailheart " the postman is not .
16 ( i can think of some more appropriate alternate titles : post encounters of the worst kind ; farewell , my salary ; howard the postman ; the postman's never watched twice . . . )
17 what a brown movie .
18 i hate brown .
19 you love brown .
20 dances with wolves was golden and brown-it looked like an eggo commercial .
21 the postman had me running for a glass of water every two minutes ; would the post-apocalyptic world look this maddeningly bland and dry ?
22 what exactly happened to this desert world , anyway ?
23 did we all become so stupid that we didn't immediately begin rebuilding homes , restaurants , and most importantly , shopping malls , after " the war " ?
24 why did you choose to drive the movie's plot with a dumb group of terrorists who , well , terrorize townfolk across america ?
25 why is it only * they * have ammunition , anyway ?
26 was it really appropriate to cast your daughter as a girl who has a sweet crush on you , the drifter-cum-postman ?
27 why cast english actress olivia williams as an american ?
28 don't you realize that european women can only deliver their big emotional scenes in their native accent ?
29 ( take a look at the less-than-stellar performances of an american-ized nicole kidman or an american-ized minnie driver . )
30 who could give a damn whether you lived or died at the end of this movie ?
31 if it came down to a fight for leadership between you and the leader of the terrorists , why didn't you do that halfway through the film and save us all a lot of headaches ?
32 why cast will patton as the bad guy ?
33 because you worked with him in no way out ?
34 sure , he's a suitably creepy villain ; know why ?
35 because he's creepy in everything , including armageddon , in which he plays a heroic astronaut who practically slithers into his space suit !
36 why heroize the most demonic institution in america , the u . s . postal system ?
37 was tom petty supposed to be playing tom petty ?
38 if so , why didn't he look more skeletal ?
39 ( he should have been around 70 years old . )
40 why , oh why , do i have so many questions ?
41 ( i could ask plenty more . )
42 shouldn't a three hour running time have provided you enough space to answer everything ?
43 you have one great line in this film , and you deliver it to a mule ! :
44 " the things i like about my ass . . . "
45 i had to wonder .
46 actually , i enjoyed the tone of the opening scenes , a relaxed cynicism , if you'll accept such clunky phrasing-too bad you couldn't resist the temptation to film yet another love letter to your country .
47 ultimately , i'm saying relax .
48 there is no quota , no need for you to make a picture a year .
49 settle down .
50 really question future screenplays before you commit to them .
51 feel free to write back .
52 i know how much you like letters .
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