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1 have you ever been in an automobile accident where you've miraculously walked away with only a few scratches , yet the car has been obliterated into an unrecognizable , mangled wreck ?
2 well , that has never actually happened to me and i hope that none of us will ever experience this situation .
3 but after watching this inane exercise of a movie , i certainly feel that i've miraculously walked away unscathed after a two-hour ride that mercilessly careens back and forth before finally plummeting into an icy pond .
4 oddly , `eye of the beholder , ' which is a psychological-romance-thriller , starts off promisingly enough when the opening sequence introduces us to a british intelligence agent , called the eye ( ewan mcgregor ) , working in washington dc .
5 in the humorous opening scene , he eyes a top lawyer across the street in his office with his pants down .
6 using an array of high-tech surveillance and communications equipment , he proceeds to transmit pictures of the bared lawyer to pc screens and fax machines in his office .
7 the law firm's employees get a good chuckle .
8 the audience gets a good chuckle .
9 the eye is later given an assignment where he encounters a beautiful woman ( ashley judd ) .
10 there is something compelling about this mysterious woman .
11 despite her glamorous looks , however , we learn that she is a psychopath with a propensity to kill men that get too close to her .
12 after the murders , she sobs while singing the christmas tune `little bluebirds' and laments about being abandoned by her father long ago .
13 after each killing , she puts on a different wig , assumes a new name , and then makes her way to another state .
14 the eye has witnessed all her murderous transgressions .
15 but he does not alert the authorities .
16 he somehow empathizes with her sense of loss .
17 the eye , it turns out , also is haunted by his past .
18 his daughter was taken away from him and he anguishes this loss every day of his life .
19 his tormented psyche creates a ghost-like image of his daughter with which he engages in conversation .
20 she becomes a sort of spectral adviser , and one thing that the ghostly daughter says is that he must help the woman .
21 he now diverts his energies into trying to help her find some kind of salvation .
22 it doesn't matter that he has witnessed all of her murders .
23 and it doesn't matter that the eye is abnormally reticent , hiding his entire life behind computer screens .
24 he follows her to a dozen different locales and shadows her every move to keep her out of trouble .
25 when a crazed druggie ( jason priestley ) attacks her , he shows up for some quick butt kicking .
26 when the police are closing in to arrest her , he provides a distraction so that she can escape .
27 all the while , the woman has no idea who her guardian angel is and the eye stays just out of sight .
28 peculiar .
29 how bad is this movie ?
30 i refer you to my `review quote source' litmus test .
31 just take a look at the full-page ad in the newspaper and see where they are pulling quotes .
32 for this movie , they are from magazines called `flaunt' and `mirabella . '
33 no doubt , they were impressed with judd's series of catwalks and disguise changes .
34 the major problem with `eye of the beholder' is that the film jerks forward , always unsure of its ultimate destination .
35 if it was a thriller , there was little to keep us entranced .
36 if it was a love story , there was absolutely no emotional pull .
37 completely disjointed in structure , it's only saving grace was its stylish look which reminded me of my favorite car commercial ( the one where the `6' on the tachometer dissolves into a winding road and a passenger rail car dissolves into a small miniature on a child's train set ) .
38 i am also still hopeful that ashley judd will find a serious role to showcase her potential talents .
39 beyond that , the film is hopelessly out-of-control and is in need of seriously better traction and handling .
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