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pranjalv123 authored Oct 31, 2011
1 i guess that if a very wild bachelor party had gone really bad , there would be broken furniture , traces of smack and cocaine on the floor , and a dead prostitute in the bathroom .
2 i guess that if a movie had also gone really bad , there might be the same elements present .
3 coincidence ?
4 poor kyle ( a meek looking jon favreau ) . . . he is about to marry his radiant fiancee , laura ( cameron diaz ) .
5 but before he exchanges his vows , he embarks to las vegas with his friends for one last blowout .
6 but this bachelor party has gone about as bad as it could possibly get .
7 the prostitute has met a horrible , though accidental death , and drugs are everywhere .
8 the five friends agree that there is enough bad evidence here that will send them to jail for a very long time .
9 a surprisingly calm robert boyd ( christian slater ) , who looks like he was groomed to make nefarious decisions , ponders their dilemma for a few minutes before deciding that the best thing to do is to bury the body in the desert where she'll never be found .
10 although they stomach the gruesome deed of getting rid of the body ( which also disturbingly involves dismantling the body using power saws in order to stuff it into suitcases ) , when they return from their trip , guilt and paranoia begins to set in which slowly consumes some of the five friends .
11 one is adam ( daniel stern ) he grows increasingly agitated .
12 whenever people look at his van or whenever a cop glances his way , his blood pressure increases .
13 or that just may be because of his dysfunctional family .
14 another is michael , who was actually responsible for her death .
15 he tries to bury his feelings , but the burden of guilt begins to affect his judgment as well .
16 boyd is the ? doer' of the group .
17 seemingly suffering from a long psychosis , when he feels as if his secret is about to be exposed , he is apt to take extreme measures to cover up his tracks .
18 kyle just hopes that his wedding will live up to laura's demanding expectations .
19 then , there's moore ( leland orser ) who speaks 5 lines and walks around with a puzzled look on his face .
20 the problem with this reprehensible movie is that it wants to be a cruel comedy , but it presents things in a manner that just aren't funny .
21 drugs , mutilation , and killing your own friends isn't something to be laughed at .
22 as a straight psychological drama , i could see how it might have worked , as each one tried to maneuver and overcome the weight of their own guilt in their own sometimes-sick ways .
23 but this movie insults us by assuming that we could simply discard our values for 2 hours .
24 if you do like this movie , i don't think that i want to know you .
25 i did find slater a convincing leader who sways his friends to choose not the right thing but the ? smart play . '
26 and diaz adds some brightness to this film as a wedding-needing fiancee .
27 but her talents are essentially wasted here .
28 it's obvious that the film maker is trying to strike a certain tone .
29 but the way that he chooses to do it is tasteless .
30 do not make a very bad decision by seeing this film .
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