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1 arye cross and courteney cox star as a pair of bostonians who meet in a bar , go to the movies , fall in love , move in together , etc .
2 review ======
3 well , if you haven't seen when harry met sally or he said , she said , or if you don't watch love & war on television , you might think this is the most inventive film to come along in ages .
4 however , if you've seen any of these , than you have seen most of this film .
5 this of course doesn't mean its bad .
6 some of it is amusing , but overall , i just had to ask what's the point ?
7 arye cross is the stereotypical single male who falls in love .
8 kevin pollack is the stereotypical female-fearing best friend who make a lot of rather sexist and vulgar jokes , most if which weren't very funny .
9 couteney cox is the stereotypical career-minded woman who falls in love .
10 julie brown is the stereotypical bizarre best friend of said woman .
11 ( notice the frequent use of the word stereotypical .
12 this film uses a lot of formula , the plot is basically known from the opening credits . )
13 so what is good about the movie ?
14 well as i said there are a few amusing moments .
15 surprisingly , julie brown , who i usually find just plain goofy , was the best thing in the film .
16 also there are several very funny sequences involving analysis of the human mating ritual .
17 gee , this is really short .
18 not much to say about the film really .
19 it is just kind of there .
20 watching it on video might not be a complete waste of time , but i wouldn't recommend hiring a baby sitter or spending a lot of money to see it at the theatre .
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