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1 synopsis : a maniac , crazed by virulent microphage , slaughters more than twenty people , including a street gang and heavily-armed troops , with a small knife .
2 even with a handgun , however , he can't take out the two cops who are after him , despite having shot one of them a total of seven times .
3 comments : the most notable aspect of adrenalin : fear the rush is that it marks a striking career move for natasha henstridge .
4 not only does she manage to keep all her clothes on ( her trademark in earlier films such as species and maximum risk was to strip naked as often as possible ) , but she actually puts on even more clothes as the film progresses .
5 this will probably disappoint many henstridge fans , but i welcome the change because henstridge is an attractive , capable actress who deserves less exploitative roles ( though , i admit , it doesn't show in this mess ) .
6 henstridge , just like every other actor in the film , delivers a wooden performance in this monumental turkey .
7 ( the cast also includes christopher lambert , who has appeared in the highlander and mortal kombat films . )
8 how on earth this movie got two big-name stars to appear in it is beyond me .
9 adrenalin : fear the rush is set in boston ten years in the future ( 2007 ) .
10 boston has changed dramatically in those ten years .
11 it is now home to a bunch of interred foreigners and policed by cops who drive around in small cars with " policia " printed on their doors .
12 some guy has a really bad virus , and he's killing people because of it .
13 so , the brave good guys ( lambert and henstridge ) go after him .
14 that's it .
15 76 minutes never seemed so long .
16 this is a drawn-out chase scene through dimly-lit abandoned buildings turned into an entire movie .
17 the plot development is nil ; we learn absolutely nothing about lambert's character and very little about henstridge's character .
18 the dialogue is littered with unnecessary obscenities and concerns mindnumbingly idiotic arguments over who will go down the next dark corridor/tunnel/airduct next and who will carry the flashlight .
19 a subplot does exist involving henstridge's character's illegal attempt to get her son out of boston .
20 in her opening monologue , a monologue which sounds as though henstridge was reading from cue cards , we learn that she has gone to great lengths to secure a fake passport for her son .
21 twenty minutes into the film , i wondered if the movie would have been better if it focused on this plot .
22 in a defining scene of the movie , however , i changed my mind .
23 this fake passport drops to the ground .
24 lambert's cop immediately recognizes it as a fraud from six feet away .
25 must not have been a good fake .
26 this emphasizes another fault with the film .
27 things just defy common sense .
28 lambert's cop , for instance , is shot seven times , yet he is still able to talk and slide about .
29 adrenalin : fear the rush ends in a trite manner that doesn't seem to even fit the mood that the filmmakers were trying for .
30 i found myself rather bored with this film , which will disappoint both sci-fi/horror fans and fans of henstridge and lambert .
31 don't fear the rush .
32 fear the movie .
33 watch something else .
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