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the happy bastard's quick movie review
damn that y2k bug .
it's got a head start in this movie starring jamie lee curtis and another baldwin brother ( william this time ) in a story regarding a crew of a tugboat that comes across a deserted russian tech ship that has a strangeness to it when they kick the power back on .
little do they know the power within . . .
going for the gore and bringing on a few action sequences here and there , virus still feels very empty , like a movie going for all flash and no substance .
we don't know why the crew was really out in the middle of nowhere , we don't know the origin of what took over the ship ( just that a big pink flashy thing hit the mir ) , and , of course , we don't know why donald sutherland is stumbling around drunkenly throughout .
here , it's just " hey , let's chase these people around with some robots " .
the acting is below average , even from the likes of curtis .
you're more likely to get a kick out of her work in halloween h20 .
sutherland is wasted and baldwin , well , he's acting like a baldwin , of course .
the real star here are stan winston's robot design , some schnazzy cgi , and the occasional good gore shot , like picking into someone's brain .
so , if robots and body parts really turn you on , here's your movie .
otherwise , it's pretty much a sunken ship of a movie .