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it is movies like these that make a jaded movie viewer thankful for the invention of the timex indiglo watch .
based on the late 1960's television show by the same name , the mod squad tells the tale of three reformed criminals under the employ of the police to go undercover .
however , things go wrong as evidence gets stolen and they are immediately under suspicion .
of course , the ads make it seem like so much more .
quick cuts , cool music , claire dane's nice hair and cute outfits , car chases , stuff blowing up , and the like .
sounds like a cool movie , does it not ?
after the first fifteen minutes , it quickly becomes apparent that it is not .
the mod squad is certainly a slick looking production , complete with nice hair and costumes , but that simply isn't enough .
the film is best described as a cross between an hour-long cop show and a music video , both stretched out into the span of an hour and a half .
and with it comes every single clich ? .
it doesn't really matter that the film is based on a television show , as most of the plot elements have been recycled from everything we've already seen .
the characters and acting is nothing spectacular , sometimes even bordering on wooden .
claire danes and omar epps deliver their lines as if they are bored , which really transfers onto the audience .
the only one to escape relatively unscathed is giovanni ribisi , who plays the resident crazy man , ultimately being the only thing worth watching .
unfortunately , even he's not enough to save this convoluted mess , as all the characters don't do much apart from occupying screen time .
with the young cast , cool clothes , nice hair , and hip soundtrack , it appears that the film is geared towards the teenage mindset .
despite an american 'r' rating ( which the content does not justify ) , the film is way too juvenile for the older mindset .
information on the characters is literally spoon-fed to the audience ( would it be that hard to show us instead of telling us ? ) , dialogue is poorly written , and the plot is extremely predictable .
the way the film progresses , you likely won't even care if the heroes are in any jeopardy , because you'll know they aren't .
basing the show on a 1960's television show that nobody remembers is of questionable wisdom , especially when one considers the target audience and the fact that the number of memorable films based on television shows can be counted on one hand ( even one that's missing a finger or two ) .
the number of times that i checked my watch ( six ) is a clear indication that this film is not one of them .
it is clear that the film is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on the teenage spending dollar , judging from the rash of really awful teen-flicks that we've been seeing as of late .
avoid this film at all costs .