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when it comes to the average teenage romantic comedy , i expect negative reviews from critics left and right .
predictable , unoriginal , and forgettable will most likely be the three adjectives to haunt the down to you's and the drive me crazy's released by the dozens these last couple of years .
what i really look for in this kind of movie is the entertainment value while i'm sitting in the theater .
am i enjoying myself ?
is this a comfortable break from my week of finals ?
this is why i have given films like final destination or road trip high marks ; i had a party of a time wasting my money on something i won't remember next week .
so last week i opened up the new york times - and , no surprise , boys and girls got a negative review .
daily news ?
negative .
reelviews ?
negative .
epinions . com ?
negative .
this was nothing new .
american pie , final destination , road trip didn't get such hot reviews and i loved those guilty pleasures .
same goes for she's all that , a formulaic but enjoyable pygmalion adaptation that got unjustly pounded .
since boys and girls reunites she's all that director robert iscove and actor freddie prinze jr . , i predicted d ? j ? vu al over again .
but , still curious , i asked around my school and from the one or two people who had seen it , the reactions were far from positive .
i had made up my mind ; i'll catch it on video or cable in a couple of years .
but , soon after , following a series of unexpected events ( we couldn't get into shaft because it is rated r ) , i found myself watching boys and girls .
whoops .
boys and girls is about a " nerdy , smart " boy named ryan ( prinze jr . ) and a " popular , flirt " girl named jennifer ( claire forlani ) .
briefly meeting as pre-teens and now attending the same college , the two bump into each other so many times that eventually they become best friends .
but in the movies , a male and a female cannot be friends without having that nagging feeling of attraction for each other .
with advice from their roommates ( amanda detmer , jason biggs ) , ryan and jennifer attempt to discover the true meaning of their relationship .
the film definitely lives up to the dreaded three adjectives - and mindless entertainment is nowhere to be found .
i could hardly sit through the 93 minute running time for several reasons .
the dialogue is probably the worst i have ever seen in any movie , mainly because the whole movie depends on the boring script and the ridiculous words these characters use is what hollywood thinks kids can relate to .
it is almost offensive .
an example of an insightful conversation :
" you're dumb .
dumb , dumb , dumb , dumb . "
" no . "
( followed by a mandy moore-esque tune background )
( well it's not as bad as wing commander i guess )
the supporting cast is also painfully useless .
detmer and biggs stand in the way for anything interesting to happen with their own boring , pointless subplots .
and although this is supposed to be from both perspectives of the human sex , prinze jr's ryan dominates the screen while forlani's jennifer simply acts as a dilemma for him to work with .
we never learn anything about jennifer which is a shame too because forlani is the only actor to bring any life into her character .
teenager or not : you'll hate this movie , i guarantee it .
maybe i should rent she's all that again .
is it really as good as i think it is ?