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supposedly based on a true story in which the british drive to build a rail bridge deep in africa grinds to a halt after a pair of lions start killing off the workers in 1898 .
john patterson ( val kilmer ) , the bridge building expert set to oversee the operation , tried to rid his operation of the lions , but fails .
a world renound hunter , remington ( michael douglas ) , is called in and the battle , man against lion , begins .
this film has a great soundtrack , and wonderful scenery .
the acting is not too bad except the characters are all so thin .
we only see one side of each character .
kilmer is a bridge builder and that's all we see him as .
these lions kill dozens of his men and he doesn't even appear to be too upset about it .
and the plot ?
it's jaws , but with lions .
again we're presented with an animal that behaves not at all as it should .
it appears to kill men because it just likes too .
why ?
who knows .
i guess there wouldn't be much of a story if it didn't .
the problem is that there isn't much of a story even though it does .
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