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i was going to see ram shrasta on the big screen last night , but before that i stopped into my video store to rent some movies .
luckily , my video guy was in the middle or recording ram shrasta !
i knew it was going to be a bad print with only half-faces and poor sound quality , but i couldn't help myself . . .
i got it .
well , after watching it ( it indeed was a bad print ) i was glad i didn't dish out $7 to waste three hours of my time sitting in a bad theatre watching a bad movie .
this movie really sucks .
it had so many inconsistencies it was driving me crazy ! !
for example , how can jackie shroff grow two feet of hair in just three or four days ?
jackie shroff looked really stupid with his steven seagal ponytail .
the songs are bad , the acting is bad ( especially deepti bhatnagar's ) , and the direction is the worst of all .
the comedy scenes with jagdish and johnny lever just made me want to throw up .
i didn't even finish the movie . . .
i couldn't take it anymore .
note : but if anyone out there liked aatish ( by the same director ) , i guess you'd like this movie .
it's practically the same except that sanjay dutt is replaced with jackie shroff .
aditya panscholi is the sidekick again .
( i was going to give it a zero , but i personally like jackie shroff , so i loosened up a little .
he looked fresh , wore good clothes ( as always ) , and his performance , even though it wasn't his best , was the only saving grace of the movie )