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i wish i could accurately describe the theme music for part 3 .
the best way i can put it is that it's funky .
i know this is an odd question , but remember the opening music of " police academy 4 : citizens on patrol " , when steve guttenberg and michael winslow perform the title song " citizens on patrol " during the opening credits ?
it's just like that .
anyway , part 3 takes place a day after the events of part 2 ( so technically still 1985 ) .
this time , a group of horny teens ( who also bring along two aging hippie potheads for some reason ) head up to a cabin on crystal lake for a weekend of sex and weed .
it turns out that one of the teens had been attacked by jason earlier in her life ( which must have been between parts 1 and 2 ) so why she has returned to crystal lake one day after a new batch of murders is beyond me .
she's the lone survivor this time .
part 3 was originally shown in theaters in 3-d , and from what i can tell from the video , it looks as though they may have been fairly decent effects .
jason had long , wild hair when he was unmasked in part 2 . now , one day later he's completely bald .
also , it being one day later , it can't be friday the 13th now can it ?
oh well .
steve miner is the only director who helmed more than one film in the series .