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tim robbins and martin lawernce team up in this road movie comedy .
robbins plays an exec who discovers his wife having sex with his boss .
he goes into depression , and drives around his neighbourhood until he arrives inside the usual 'ghetto' side of every american city .
there , lawernce attempts to steal his car , but to no avail , and is dragged along with robbin's on a trip to arizona .
there , they hold up a store , are mistaken for two other robbers ( just like in my cousin vinny ) and are chased by the police , and the other robbers .
of course , there's gags along the way , usually from lawernce .
although the film is midly funny , and quite watchable , there's something so horribly familiar about it all .
this film should really be called beverly hills midnight run there's lawernce with his wisecracking and heavy profanity , just like eddie murphy in beverly hills cop , and pratically the same idea as midnight run .
it's full of all the road movie cliches , and even has a 'comedy' car chase , which just seemed so eighties .
even the credit sequence seemed to be out of a steve martin , or chevy chase , eighties comedy .
there also isn't much chemistry between robbins and lawernce .
in planes , trains and automobiles , there was real chemistry between steve martin and john candy .
in nothing to lose , there is hardly chemistry at all .
towards the end the chemistry seems to work , but for the bulk of the film , there is hardly any ,
the director directs the film in a workman like fashion , but gets the jokes across .
and although there is no chemistry between the two leads , they give good performances on their own .
lawerence gives a good eddie murphy performance , and robbin's is alright aswell .
however , robbin's performance is nowhere near as good as the characters he played in jacob's ladder , and the player .
in fact , if you want to see robbin's do comedy much better than in nothing to lose , i suggest you rent out the hudsucker proxy , where he is much funnier .
nothing to lose does have some funny moments in it , however .
the humour isn't particulary sophisticated , but if you enojyed dumb & dumber , you might enjoy this .
the characters in arizona are funny , and there's also a good scene where robbin's asks a shopkeeper which 'threatening approach' was better , lawerences ( which consisted of lawerence threatening to shoot the shopkeeper's ass , and swearing a lot ) , or himselfs , ( which was speaking in a deep , scary voice ) but the gags are predictable , the lack of chemistry infurating , and the ending too far-fetched and 'perfect'
nothing to lose then , is robbin's first 'bad' movie ( and hopefully his last ) , and suggests that odereick should twice before making another film .
he nearly ruined carrey's career with ace ventura : when nature calls , let's hope he hasn't ruined robbin's ( or even lawerence's ) with nothing to lose .
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