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" american pie " alums jason biggs and mena suvari star in this summer's attempt to capitalize on the youth market looking for a comedy about young people they can relate to that combines generic hollywood cute couple-ness and zany comedy .
it's about an a+ student ( biggs as " paul " ) who gets a scholarship to some college in new york city who sticks out like a sore thumb and falls for dora ( suvari ) a ditzy heroin-chic goth chick who has no ambition or self-respect whatsoever and allows herself to be pushed around just like " hick-boy " paul is .
so we've got a fish-out-water formula mixed with meet-cute romantic comedy which ideally should make for a good movie .
unfortunately the atrocious screenplay and boring direction by " clueless " auteur amy heckerling successfully manages to screw up everything about the film .
these characters are totally unrealistic and unbelievable - it's as if everyone under age 30 is a stoned raver .
there's no background or details to anyone or anything , it's just a bunch of cartoon characters running into each other .
not to mention the story itself which is virtually non-existant and contains so many plotholes it's like swiss cheese .
even the basic editing is bad .
if you're looking for a romantic comedy stay far away from this one because it is neither romantic nor funny .
i saw this in a packed cinema on opening night and the audience barely laughed at all .
if you've seen the commericials you've seen all the " funny " parts ( which are all from the first five minutes ) .