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in the series of the erotic thrillers that flooded the videoshelves in the early 1990s came this french-canadian co-production by max fischer .
the movie is set in paris where its hero , struggling american author david mirkine ( judd nelson , at the time specialised in playing losers and people at the edge of sanity ) suffers a terrible writers bloc .
he manages to overcome crisis after beginning romantic relationship with beautiful model anabelle ( laurence treill ) .
unfortunately , she hangs out in jet set circles , which gradually makes mirkine pathologically jealous .
her connection with powerful david caravan ( pierce brosnan ) would make mirkine step the line between reason and sanity and put in motion whole series of violent and tragic events .
although few pseudoerotic scenes and some elements of the plot do indeed make this film an erotic thriller , drama would probably be more appropriate genre label .
pacing of the film is simply too slow to thrill the viewers , and those patient enough to sit through its entirety have to wait a long time between any interesting or significant developments .
low budget also becomes painfully visible , and physical attributes of laurence treill are the only thing worth watching in this film .
unfortunately , this film has too little of those supposedly erotic scenes , so those who wanted to watch erotic thriller have all the reasons to feel disappointed .
instead , they would have to settle with pointless , slow scenes involving nelson , brosnan and laurence treill's attempts of serious acting .
all of those definitely not worth spending hour and half of someone's precious time .