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billy crystal reappears in yet another high concept comedy .
he tries to infuse some life into it , but it gets bogged down with sentimentality and a lack of sophistication .
sammy ( billy crystal ) is a struggling agent at the end of his ropes .
he's separated from his wife , serena ( kathleen quinlan ) , and down to his last serious client . . . in a low-budget film shooting in romania .
but in a turn of bad luck , sammy wrecks his car . . . only
to be mysteriously saved by a giant ( gheorghe muresan ) .
but this giant has a heart of gold .
he leads a solitary life , helping out the monks at a local monastery .
his only longing is for his long lost love , lilianna ( joanna pacula ) , who has since moved to america .
sammy , seeing a golden ticket , convinces max to become an actor ( represented by sammy , of course ) , and come back to america .
and so sam and max bounce from pathetic job to pathetic job , with sammy dangling a meeting with lilianna as a carrot before max's nose .
but slowly sammy's deceptions begin to haunt him .
but will he develop a conscience before the innocent max becomes disillusioned .
the humor in my giant isn't the world's greatest .
mostly , it falls under the category of " boy . . . he's
so big ! " ,
and that can only go so far , no matter how hard the talent tries .
still , its slightly amusing parts are longed for when the movie gets bogged down in sappy moments .
the film's best moment ( and that's not saying much ) is a bit part by steven seagal , playing himself .
between executive decision and this , all of seagal's best roles have been cameos .
maybe he should consider a change of work : steven seagal , the character actor !
gheorghe muresan isn't a natural actor at all , and his thick cotton-mouthed accent certainly doesn't help .
in fact the only thing he adds to the role is his immense stature .
originally , the concept was designed several years ago for andre the giant .
andre also had a hefty accent , but he displayed a knack for comedy in the princess bride . . . something
muresan should have studied for some pointers .
why does billy crystal continually get caught in these pathetic comedies ?
he's proven that he can be much funnier than these formulaic films allow him to be , and yet , like a glutton for punishment , he keeps coming back .
that doesn't mean we have to .