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bob the happy bastard's quickie review :
the odd couple ii
grumpy old men , it ain't .
hell , my fellow americans , it ain't .
walter matthau and jack lemmon team up again for an even more worn out vehicle than any of their films over the past few years .
odd couple ii feels terribly generic , where in the first movie , made thirty one years ago , feels like a wonderful tale .
that's like repackaging campbell's soup in a generic food can , really .
how writer neil simon could've made such a horrible mistake in screen writing is beyond me .
throughout the movie , i really didn't laugh once .
honestly .
i mean , there were dumb situations , yeah , like the cropduster who let these old geezers have it without any notice , but they just really didn't seem funny to me .
and that car rolling off the cliff ?
the only way i would've seen humor in that is if they were still in it .
and the ending gets all super-mushy , too .
in the final twenty minutes or so , lemmon meets a girl he thinks is the one , then loses her ; matthau talks to his son ( a wasted jonathan silverman ) about his amrriage to lemmon's daughter ; and , of course , lemmon and matthau have another roomie situation on their hands .
ooh , i really gave a lot away there , i'm sure .
consider it a hospitable gester , you won't waste your time renting this muck .