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first impressions : critically , a close-to-awful film , but money-wise , it has been doing ( and will continue to do ) great .
a sometimes-funny film that sags and lags and oftentimes gets boring .
an orginal plot that grows old real fast .
one of the only 90 minute films that i've gotten bored through .
men in black has defied the odds .
when i first saw that the flick was 89 minutes long , i thought maybe that this was a poor attempt at an independence day type film that just ran out of gas .
however , i now realize that not only did men in black run out of gas , but the film in 90 minutes manages to show off a very original idea ( which summer audiences have embraced ) that becomes old about 25 minutes into the movie .
tommy lee jones and will smith play two " government " agents who are responsible for keeping order in alien society .
the ridiculous plot begins when an alien " bug " , played weirdly by vincent d'onofrio , who was so great in full metal jacket , lands on earth to retrieve a galaxy that's somewhere on " orion's belt . "
anyway , the basic plot revolves around jones and smith to stop this bug from getting the galaxy , or a higher power will blow up the earth .
the premise is ridulous , but that is not why i didn't like this film .
i love original plots .
this one had an original one .
but director barry sonnenfeld did something to this film that ruined its plot : he made the film drag and also put in unncessary elements in it that are found in romance films .
whenever i saw d'onofrio's bug stomp and eat people in the film , it got terribly boring after a while .
while smith's wise-cracks did fill in the gaps , it wasn't enough .
and also , i cannot believe the screenwriters elected to have a sub-plot where tommy lee jones missed his former lover because as an alien agent , they can't have contact with any humans really .
and here i see jones , at a satellite computer , watching his lover plant the garden ?
a sentimental moment in an alien movie ?
nice try , but i don't think so .
it doesn't work here .
it just makes the movie even more ridiculous and even more boring : we don't only have aliens to worry about , but now we have jones's conscience .
i came into the movie not wanting to see jones's conscience , but wanting to see a real action movie that had lots of aliens in it .
maybe it's unfair that i partly judged this movie on what my expectations were .
nevertheless , even though some parts are indeed funny , the plot in this movie grew old and boring -- quick .