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i want to be involved in show business one day .
and i refuse to do any sequels to any movie i may make because i believe they only get worse .
this movie proves it for me .
i was a little worried about the last batman film , as i thought joel schumaccer , taking over from tim burton , would screw it up .
i also assumed val kilmer would screw up as bruce wayne .
they didn't .
kilmer did a good job , and the cast was left to carry the movie , which they did ( even jim carrey as the riddler and i can't stand jim carrey ) , because schumaccer messed up the direction with his glitzy gotham and his awkward camera angles .
this film is different .
the cast is still impressive , but here , not only does schumaccer mess up with the direction ( he's one of those directors who's good with actors , terrible with camera angles ) , but writer akiva goldsmith doesn't really give an impressive cast anything to do .
the cast is impressive : clooney is a surprisingly good wayne/batman , o'donnell is a crafty robin as usual , they could've casted somebody better as batgirl ( my friend likes neve campbell ) , but silverstone is not bad , and thurman is a good poison ivy .
the major problem is schwarzenegger , who is a terrible freeze .
his accent is so heavy , you can't understand what he says , and the trouble with action stars like him is they cannot act , and they know it , but they figure that if they flex their muscles , say a limited amount of stuff , and kill a bunch of guys , then they figure nobody'll notice .
that's the trouble with me , * i * notice .
schwarzenegger does not deserve billing over clooney , or as much money as he got for this , but hollywood thinks he does .
patrick stewart was the person i'd heard that was considered to play freeze , and he would've been so much better .
or sean connery , but not arnold " i'm not an actor , but i play one in real life " schwarzenegger .
i realize that you must be a star to play a major role in a batman film , but it would've been nice if they'd casted a star that had talent for the role .
akiva goldsmith's screenplay avoids some stuff that happens in a normal batman film .
in a regular batman film , they'd concentrate on the relationship with the girlfriend a little more , but elle macpherson's julie madison is so limited here that we never get a real sense of who she is .
there is talk of a fifth batman movie .
my interest to see it is low , but i hope it's better than this .
if you don't want to waste your time , rent any of the other batman movies from blockbuster .
any other .