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possibly the years the most anticipated film and finally it arrives here in the uk .
it smashed u . s box office office records in it's opening weekend and will no doubt do the same here .
but is it any good ?
in a word , no .
i'll elaborate further .
the story is as follows .
apparently there were two islands with dinosaurs on .
one where the dinos lived untouched by mankind and the other a tourist attraction which failed before it even opened .
( see jurrasic park . )
imgen , the company that funded jurrasic park , want to reccover their losses by taking more dinos off the other island and move them to a new attraction in san diago .
realizing what a bad idea this is , proffessor john hammond ( richard attenborough ) decides to send a team to document the dinosaurs , so as to rally public support to preserve the island .
enter familiar mumbling man jeff goldblum who only agrees to go when told his girlfriend is already there .
so , basically , what you have is this .
two teams , one sent to catch and move some dinosaurs to the mainland and the other , trying to document them , being forced to work together , fighting for survival against the dinosaurs' firm intentions on eating them .
a fairly good idea , however it's let down by one slight problem .
it's crap .
over two hours of chase scenes gets way too boring , way too quiclky .
add to this a terrible script and some feeble attempts at some occasional characterisation and you end up very disinterested .
it becomes background noise while your mind starts concentrating on things like , 'what's for tea ? ' and 'should you cut the lawn later ? '
( yes , you should ) .
it's a shame then really , that spielberg has lowered himself into making what essentially is a blatant cash in , which adds practically nothing to the far superior jurrasic park .
with only a few creative and genuinely tense scenes and fabulous c . g . i
dinosaurs ( the t . rex's have to be seen to be believed ) , there is nothing else to recommend the lost world .
a very dissapointing sequel , indeed .