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the comet-disaster flick is a disaster alright .
directed by tony scott ( top gun ) , it tells the story about an asteroid the size of texas caught on a collision course with earth .
and you thought that dinky little comet in deep impact was trouble .
jeez .
after a great opening , in which an american spaceship , plus the city of new york , are completely destroyed by a comet shower , nasa detects the said asteroid and go into a frenzy .
they hire the world's best oil driller ( bruce willis ) , and send him and his crew up into space to fix our globel problem .
that's like sending a mouse into a cat carrier , isn't it ?
the action in armageddon are so over the top , nonstop , and too ludicrous for words , i had to sigh and hit my head with my notebook a couple of times .
i was not alone .
plus , to see a wonderful actor like billy bob thornton is a film like armageddon is a waste of the actor's talents .
the film is just a reel to show off a bunch of snazzy fx shots .
the only real reason for making this film was to somehow out-perform deep impact .
producer jerry bruckheimer fails with armageddon .
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