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michael richards leaves his spot as kramer on the infamous seinfeld tv sitcom for a stint as a lanky , goofy best friend to jeff daniels' lawyer character in this ill-fated , and unfunny , " comedy " .
plot : richard the actor ( richards ) has to take the place of charles the lawyer ( daniels ) in a real court case , after charles is left unintelligible from a night of heavy drinking at his bachelor party .
the film follows the antics of the two men as they try to get away with their tomfoolery .
critique : this movie did not make me laugh once .
perhaps it was because i was tired when i watched it .
perhaps .
perhaps it was because i had seen richards perform most of the same schtick a thousand times on seinfeld .
perhaps .
perhaps it was because the movie just wasn't funny .
absolutely .
the lack of humour wasn't the only issue that i had with this film either .
the movie attempts to weave a couple of love stories through its vision , but unfortunately , they are also lacking in conviction , believability and credibility .
they are contrived and appear to be placed into the story for convenience sake .
the actors were all adequate enough in their roles , but the problem didn't lie in the acting .
i wish i could find one good reason for you to see this waste of time , but i can't .
unless of course , you need something playing on your tv set while you waste some time around the house .
overall , this movie stinks .
on the good side , charlize theron is darn cute , and the movie is no longer then 90 minutes .
on the bad side , this movie is not funny , interesting or enjoyable in any which way possible .
a person wouldn't even enjoy his nachos while watching this emptiness .
please skip it .
little known facts : jonathan lynn earned a degree in law from cambridge before becoming an actor/director .
charlize theron grew up on a farm outside benoni , south africa , as the only child .
at the age of 18 her mother made her go to los angeles to try a career in the movie industry .
she came to la without knowing anyone in the city but after two weeks when she was standing in line on hollywood boulevard an agent gave her his card .
after eight months in la she got her first part .
since then she has taken acting lessons and her career has skyrocketed , specifically in devil's advocate ( 8/10 ) .
charlize was narrowly beat out by elizabeth berkley for the lead role in the " movie " , showgirls .
she was quoted as saying " it was like i had some guardian angel . "