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its a stupid little movie that trys to be clever and sophisticated , yet trys a bit too hard .
with the voices of woody allen , gene hackman , jennifer lopez , sylvester stallone , and sharon stone , this computer-animated yak-fest ( think toy story [1996] filled with used merchandising ) is one for the ant-eaters .
the main story is the independence of a worker named z ( allen ) .
he wants more to life than just digging away underground for the colony .
when he finds out about ``insectopia , " a mythical place where all insects can run free , z , along with his colony's princess ( stone ) , journey out into the world to find a meaning for life .
about 15 minutes into the picture , i began to wonder what the point of the film was .
halfway through , i still didn't have an answer .
by the end credits , i just gave up and ran out .
antz is a mindless mess of poor writing and even poorer voice-overs .
allen is nonchalant , while i would have guessed , if i hadn't seen her in the mighty and basic instinct , stone can't act , even in a cartoon .
this film is one for the bugs : unfunny and extremely dull .
hey , a bug's life may have a good time doing antz in .