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silly performances and some huge gaps in logic mar an otherwise interesting tale of an eclectic group of people stranded at " the last stop cafe and motel " due to heavy snowfall .
one of the stranded is a colorado state highway patrolman ( adam beach ) who discovers a murder scene and a bag full of cash from a recent bank robbery .
someone amongst the group of strangers is a bank robber and a murderer , but is it the same person or are there multiple criminals ?
adam beach unfortunately was the wrong choice for the lead in this film .
he doesn't play the role with enough seriousness to be believable or enough goofiness for it to be funny .
his performance is stuck somewhere in the middle , and this film really needed it to be on one side or the other .
rose mcgowan is cold and unpleasant to the eye as always , and jurgen prochnow . . .
what on earth is he doing in this ?
best performance comes from william s . taylor as a cheesy ( yet still somehow cool and confident ) wayne newton drifter type .
the last stop is available on dvd from sterling home entertainment .
as usual with sterling , they've filled out this dvd with extra features .
the disc contains the film in its original aspect ratio of 1 . 85 : 1 , a choice of 2 . 0 dolby surround sound or 5 . 1 dolby digital surround sound , a full length audio commentary track with director mark malone , interviews with the cast and crew , the original trailer , and the usual cast and crew biographies .
the film itself might not be the greatest , but sterling's effort of adding decent extra features while keeping the price affordable ( suggested retail of $19 . 95 ) makes this dvd worth the money .