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so i went and saw this film right , it was called " battlefield : earth " , i was never interested in the previews , and never too terribly interested in the book , nor do i find scientology interesting , but after reading advanced reviews of how bad this film really is , i had that weird urge just to watch it .
well let me be the first to say , and so far in my view it's safe to say : battlefield : earth might be the worst film i have ever seen , yes even worse than " mr . magoo " , " blue in the face " , or " jaws : the revenge " .
roger christianson whos credits include set direction , and art direction for such great films as " alien " and " star wars " , directs this film with such amateurism , that the film looks and feels and in fact sounds so dumb , that it's quite depressing .
the look of the film , is dark and drabby at times , but then bright and happy at other times .
the sound is terrible , and has the worst surround sound effects i've heard .
the acting is nothing , the dialogue poor , and the make-up effects hideous .
here's the so-called plot : earth 3000 . . . . man is a endangered species , while aliens from the planet psychlo ( the aliens are named psychlo . . . i
wonder why ? ! ) are invading earth , destined to put an end to those " man-animals " to an end , and destroy earth once and for all , of course we have our typical hero ( played terrible by barry pepper , who was great in a small role in 1999's " the green mile " ) who is destined to go out , and save his planet !
one thing : he has to go up against , terl , the chief of security psychlo , who is played frankly , quite bad by john travolta , whom with dreadlocks , a big head , and green eyes just doesn't work .
of course the sidekick to terl , is played by ( lol ! ! )
forest whitaker , who looks like a deformed werewolf of some kind .
our friendly human johnny ( barry pepper ) looks just as bad as well , with long scraggly hair .
i'm not really sure how to quite explain the badness of this film , except just to say it's terrible .
everything in this film is imcomprehinsable , from the make-up effects , which by the way aren't good , to the phony looking special effects , everything in this film is faulted .
in fact i don't remember one part in this entire movie where i was having a good time , or enjoying myself .
in fact there is no part in the movie that i liked or enjoyed .
throughout the entire 127 minute running time , i was dying , constantly looking at my watch , and hoping maybe the projectioner would blow a bulb or something , sadly it didn't .
my advice to hollywood : get new scripts , new acting classes , better directors and damnit , make films like american beauty more .